Deep Dives: Prospect Reports

Here we break down each player eligible for the upcoming NFL Draft. Who stands out and who doesn’t? Which player should your NFL team draft? You may not know now but after reading our easy to read scouting reports/prospect reports you’ll have more knowledge than an NFL GM. Here are some of our latest NFL Draft scouting reports click on the header above or here for all of them.

NFL Draft Sleepers

Most of us know who the top picks are, but real teams win by drafting well late in the draft. Here we like to draw attention to some lesser known players who deserve some love too. Check out our sleepers for the upcoming NFL Draft as well. Which steal will your team take in April? Click header or here for full list.

DraftDive has you covered with all the best easy to read scouting reports/ prospect reports. Read it all or just hit the bullet points. Also check out combine results here when the time comes. We have something for all football fans. Check back often as we continue to update our scouting reports and add even more. Drop a comment if there is a player you’d like to hear more about that we haven’t covered yet.