Zak Zinter NFL Draft Profile


Zak Zinter Scouting Report-Michigan Offensive Lineman


2024 NFL Draft Measurements

6’6″ 322 lbs.

Zak Zinter 40 time: 5.12 (estimate)



Positional Run Blocking

Zak Zinter is a solid positional run blocker, showcasing a nasty demeanor and killer instinct that scouts covet. His ability to create lanes for running backs is a notable strength, contributing to the effectiveness of the ground game.

Pass Protection Balance

As a pass protector, Zinter displays good balance and holds up well against the bull rush. He effectively uses his strong hands to grip and latch onto pass rushers, showcasing a sound technique in protecting the quarterback.

Powerful Upper Body

Zinter possesses a powerful upper body and utilizes it effectively in both run blocking and pass protection. His initial punch carries significant power, which allows him to control defenders and dictate the engagement.

Length and Agility

With a solid blend of length and agility, Zinter has the physical tools necessary for success in the trenches. His long arms and impressive footwork contribute to his effectiveness, especially when moving to the second level or redirecting pass rushers.

Hand Placement and Footwork

Zinter excels in hand placement, particularly in the run game. He understands angles well and demonstrates impressive footwork. Thus enabling him to navigate through defenders and position himself to deliver effective blocks.

Violent Puncher

With exceptional length, Zinter is a violent and aggressive puncher. His ability to redirect pass rushers showcases his precision and effectiveness in disrupting the opponent’s pass rush.


Waist Bending

Zinter tends to be a bit of a waist-bender, which can compromise his leverage and overall playing power. Correcting this habit will be crucial for maintaining consistent effectiveness in both the run and pass game.

Head Dropping Habit

A concerning habit for Zinter is dropping his head during plays. This tendency can lead to lapses in awareness and needs to be addressed to prevent exploitation by opposing defenders.

Final Thoughts on Zak Zinter Scouting Report

In summary, Zak Zinter brings a mix of strengths and weaknesses to the 2024 NFL Draft. His proficiency in run blocking, pass protection fundamentals, and physical attributes make him a promising prospect, but refining his technique and addressing some bad habits will be key to maximizing his potential at the professional level.

Zak Zinter NFL Comparison

Robert Hunt of the Miami Dolphins.

Zak Zinter Draft Stock

Zinter looks to be a late third to early fourth-round pick. He is ranked number 98 on Mock Draft Database. He will likely be drafted near Max Melton and Jonah Elliss. However, I believe he’s underrated at that draft position. I would be comfortable taking him in the mid to late second round.