Ladd McConkey NFL Draft Profile


Ladd McConkey Scouting Report


2024 NFL Draft Measurements

6’0″ 185 lbs.

Ladd McConkey 40 time: 4.47 (estimate)


2023 Statistics

In the 2023 season, McConkey played in 9 games, recording 30 receptions for 478 yards, averaging 15.9 yards per catch, and scoring 2 touchdowns.

Additional Notes

McConkey, born on November 11, 2001, entered the draft with a 3-star recruit status in the 2020 class according to 247Sports. With 23 career starts, he earned second-team All-SEC (Coaches) honors in 2022. However, he faced injury challenges, missing the first month of the 2023 season with back issues and two more games due to an ankle injury.


Great Acceleration

Ladd McConkey exhibits impressive acceleration, quickly reaching top speed. This trait is especially valuable in his route-running, allowing him to gain separation from defenders.

Flexibility and Change of Direction

With quick feet and smooth hips, McConkey displays excellent flexibility and change of direction. This agility contributes to his effectiveness in creating separation and making sharp cuts in his routes.

Effective Route-Runner

McConkey is a skilled route-runner, particularly excelling at the top of his breaks. His manipulation of defensive backs and crisp route breaks make him a reliable target for quarterbacks.

Concentration and Hands in Traffic

Despite his size, McConkey demonstrates above-average concentration and hands in traffic. This ability is crucial for a receiver working in the intermediate range, showing his reliability in contested situations.


Thin Frame

One of McConkey’s notable weaknesses is his very skinny frame. This could raise concerns about his durability and ability to withstand the physicality of the NFL.

Poor Play Strength

McConkey struggles with play strength, both at the line of scrimmage and during routes. This weakness hinders his ability to fight through contact, limiting his effectiveness in contested situations.

Limited Jump Ball Ability

Due to his lack of play strength and slender frame, McConkey does not excel in jump ball situations. He may struggle to consistently go up and compete for the ball against larger defenders.

Final Thoughts on Ladd McConkey Scouting Report

Ladd McConkey showcases the athleticism and route-running skills to be a high-quality receiver in the 2024 NFL Draft. However, concerns about his size, play strength, and jump ball ability may limit his potential impact at the next level. His route-running proficiency and reliable hands make him a promising prospect, especially if he can address some of his physical limitations.

Ladd McConkey NFL Comparison

Seattle Seahawk Tyler Lockett.

Ladd McConkey Draft Stock

Ladd McConkey looks like a late first to early second-round draft pick at this time. His draft stock has been on the rise lately. He is number 39 on Mock Draft Database. McConkey looks like he’ll be taken around Brian Thomas Jr. and Keon Coleman. I have some concerns about his size, but there’s a reason he’s climbing up draft boards. McConkey is a talented slot receiver, though I would be comfortable taking him in the early to mid-second round myself.