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Christian Haynes Scouting Report




    • Name: Christian Haynes
    • Position: Right Guard
    • College: University of Connecticut
    • Height: 6’2″
    • Weight: 313 lbs.
    • 40 Time: 5.15 (estimate)
    • Class: RS Senior
    • Jersey Number: 64



Christian Haynes is a former 2-star recruit from Bowie, Maryland where he attended Bowie High School. According to 247sports, Haynes was the 49th-best player in the state of Maryland. Some notable players he was ranked behind include Rasheed Walker, Durell Nchami, and Jaelyn Duncan. As a result of this, Haynes only received 16 division I offers—only one of which being from a Power 5 school in Virginia. However, Haynes went on to play for the Huskies of Connecticut where he joined the program as a project player.

As a freshman in 2018, he only played 60 snaps and was able to hold onto his redshirt status. In those 60 snaps, he only allowed 1 QB hurry and 1 pressure. Then as a RS freshman, Haynes became a staple of the offensive line and would continue to be for the remainder of his career. In his entire career at UConn, Haynes had 3,319 snaps – all of which were at right guard. In those snaps, he only allowed 8 sacks, 6 QB hits, and 48 pressures. Those stats don’t include how effective he was as a run blocker. Now let’s get into the Christian Haynes scouting report.





Although Haynes may be undersized compared to most NFL guards, he has a build that allows him to hold his ground despite his adequate size. He has a strong lower body with thighs the size of tree trunks that allow him to hold his ground against bigger defensive linemen. When defending against the bull rush, he uses those legs to drop the anchor and stop the rusher in their tracks. As for his upper body, he has broad shoulders with almost 34″ arms that allow him to be the first to engage off the snap. Additionally, he does a good job of using his whole body to keep defenders centered on his body and occasionally overpower them and take them to the ground. However, he does have below-average-sized hands that inhibit his ability to latch on and hold onto defenders.


Run Blocking

As I mentioned earlier, Haynes’ stats don’t paint the full picture when it comes to what he brings to an NFL team. When lined up in a 3-point stance, Haynes displays elite explosiveness that allows him to be the first to engage off the snap. From there, he does a good job of putting his hands in the right position to allow him to overpower and steer defenders. By doing so, he is opening up a lane for the ball carrier to get into the 2nd level untouched. When pulling across the line, Haynes does a great job of knowing the best angle to attack with to maximize the amount of yards his running back can get. This is a vital part of his game because he lacks the necessary footwork to get across the line quickly and get to defenders in the 2nd level.



Once the ball is snapped, Haynes does a good job of keeping his head on a swivel if he does not have a blocking assignment. This allows him to be aware of stunts and pick up late blitzes either from the box or the outside. Additionally, it allows him to help out his teammates by double-teaming the defender and taking away their balance and leverage.


Football IQ

Christian Haynes is one of the smartest offensive linemen that I have scouted throughout my career. He has a good understanding of his assignment on every play and knows who to block to either buy his QB some extra time or open up a lane for his running back. Haynes also does a good job of reading the defense and pointing out blitzes that could be coming from the box or outside. Finally, he knows how to turn his weaknesses into strengths by switching up how he attacks on a play-to-play basis.



Now it is time to get into probably the aspect that impresses me the most. That being his overall technique in both pass-protection and run-blocking schemes. In pass protection, Haynes does a good job of quickly covering ground off the snap. Then at the point of attack, he does a good job of being the first to engage. When engaging, he shoots his hands under the arms of the defender and latches onto their breastplate while keeping his pad level low. From there, he makes sure to keep his feet active so he can maintain his leverage.





As briefly mentioned above, Haynes lacks the necessary agility needed to be an effective pull blocker at the next level. That is why he has to rely on attacking at the right angle when pulling. His adequate agility when on an island also negatively impacts his ability to neutralize speed rushers like Will Anderson Jr. who have a broad pass rush arsenal. Finally, when adjusting to stunts and twists, he struggles to cut off the defenders and mirror them if they get outside leverage.



The one factor that is going to inhibit his ability most in the NFL is his below-average size for an NFL-caliber right guard. Haynes stands at 6’2″ which makes him about 2-3 inches smaller than the average guard in the NFL. This will not only impact his ability to neutralize bigger defensive tackles like T’Vondre Sweat, but it will also limit his versatility. However, Haynes does have an above-average wingspan and arm length that will help him consistently win in the NFL.


Final Thoughts on Christian Haynes Scouting Report

Overall, I believe that despite his smaller size, Haynes will be a special talent in the NFL. He is a smart player who has very good play strength that allows him to consistently win matchups. When engaged in blocks, Haynes does a good job of maintaining his technique until the whistle is blown. This allows him to neutralize defenders and by his QB some time in the pocket. To be more effective in the NFL, he should work on his agility and navigating through traffic.


Christian Haynes Draft Stock

After the Senior Bowl, I have Christian Haynes as the 2nd best interior offensive lineman in the draft. The only person he is ranked behind is Oregon’s Jackson Powers-Johnson. But that does make Haynes the best true guard in the draft (in my opinion). Although he will likely be a 2nd round pick, I would not be surprised if after free agency a team reaching on him in the 1st round to get their guy.


Christian Haynes NFL Comparison

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