Xavier Legette NFL Draft Profile


Xavier Legette Scouting Report


2024 NFL Draft Measurements

6’3″ 227 lbs.

Xavier Legette 40 time: 4.36 (estimate)



Blazing Speed

Xavier Legette is a game-changer with his blazing speed. His ability to stretch the field vertically makes him a constant deep threat, forcing defenses to account for his exceptional acceleration.


Legette’s athleticism is a standout feature, enabling him to make acrobatic catches and showcasing agility that puts defenders at a disadvantage. His dynamic playing style adds versatility to offensive schemes.


Legette possesses reliable hands, consistently making catches in a variety of situations. His catching ability, coupled with a large catch radius, makes him a reliable target for quarterbacks in contested situations.


Standing at an impressive height, Legette has the advantage of being a taller receiver. This provides quarterbacks with a sizable target, especially in red-zone and jump-ball situations. His size is also impressive which should help protect him from injuries.


Body Catches

While Legette generally displays strong hands, there are instances where he relies on body catches. Improving consistency with hand catches, especially in traffic, will enhance his reliability as a possession receiver.

Route Tree

Legette’s route tree may need refinement. Expanding his route repertoire to include a broader range of routes will make him a more versatile and unpredictable target, increasing his effectiveness in various offensive schemes.

Final Thoughts on Xavier Legette Scouting Report

Xavier Legette emerges as an electrifying wide receiver prospect with a potent combination of blazing speed, athleticism, reliable hands, and impressive size. His ability to stretch the field vertically and make contested catches showcases his potential as a dynamic playmaker in the NFL.

To reach his full potential, Legette should focus on refining his catching technique, minimizing body catches, and expanding his route tree. These improvements will elevate his game, making him a more well-rounded and valuable asset to any team. With the right development, Xavier Legette has the tools to become a game-changing receiver at the professional level.

Xavier Legette NFL Comparison

His combination of size and speed is rarely seen, so he reminds me of DK Metcalf.

Xavier Legette Draft Stock

Xavier Legette looks like a mid-second-round pick at this point. He is number 44 on Mock Draft Database. I expect him to be taken near Brian Thomas Jr. I think Legette is underrated and would rank him as a late first-round draft pick. He’s not only an athletic freak, he’s also a solid all-around wide receiver.