Chris Braswell NFL Draft Profile


Chris Braswell Scouting Report- Alabama Edge


2024 NFL Draft Measurements

6’2″ 255 lbs.

Chris Braswell 40 time: 4.49 (estimate)



Freakish athleticism

Chris Braswell’s standout trait is his freakish athleticism, setting him apart as a dynamic edge rusher. His speed, explosiveness, and overall agility make him a constant threat to quarterbacks and a disruptive force in the backfield. This athleticism not only aids his pass-rushing abilities but also makes him an asset in pursuing ball carriers sideline to sideline.


Braswell possesses advanced hand techniques that complement his athleticism. His hand usage is refined, allowing him to effectively disengage from blockers and navigate through traffic. This skill is particularly crucial in both pass rushing and run defense, enabling him to shed blocks and make plays in the backfield.


A flexible edge rusher, Braswell showcases impressive bend around the edge when attacking quarterbacks. This ability to dip his shoulder and navigate tight spaces allows him to maintain optimal leverage, making it challenging for offensive linemen to engage and neutralize his pass-rushing efforts.


Not limited to just rushing the passer, Braswell displays surprising coverage skills for an edge defender. Whether dropping into zone coverage or matching up against tight ends and running backs, he exhibits good awareness, fluidity, and ball-tracking ability, adding versatility to his skill set.


Braswell’s footwork is a key contributor to his success on the edge. His quick and nimble foot movements allow him to change direction rapidly, giving him an edge in both pursuit and coverage. This agility enhances his overall effectiveness, making him a multifaceted threat in various defensive schemes.



A notable weakness in Braswell’s game is occasional overpursuit, particularly when attacking the quarterback. His eagerness to make a play can lead to him being out of position, creating running lanes for mobile quarterbacks or allowing savvy ball carriers to exploit gaps. Developing more discipline in his pursuit angles will be crucial at the next level.

Final Thoughts on Chris Braswell Scouting Report

In summary, Chris Braswell enters the 2024 NFL Draft as an edge prospect with a rare combination of freakish athleticism, refined hands, impressive bend, coverage ability, and nimble footwork. While his overpursuit tendencies present an area for improvement, his overall skill set makes him an exciting prospect for teams in need of a dynamic edge rusher with the versatility to contribute in various defensive roles. With the right coaching and development, Braswell has the potential to make a significant impact at the professional level.

Chris Braswell NFL Comparison

Philadelphia Eagle Josh Sweat.

Chris Braswell Draft Stock

Chris Braswell looks like a late first-round to early second-round pick at this time. He is ranked number 47 on Mock Draft Database. I expect him to be taken close to Kris Jenkins and T’Vondre Sweat. I like him towards the early part of his projection. He deserves to be taken in the late first round.