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Devontez Walker Scouting Report


2024 NFL Draft Measurements

6’2″ 200 lbs.

Devontez Walker 40 time: 4.36




Devontez Walker is a natural playmaker, demonstrating exceptional skill with the ball in his hands. This makes him a threat in various situations.


His versatility is evident. He is equally adept at creating yards after the catch and stretching defenses deep downfield. Walker exhibits impressive ball-tracking abilities, consistently positioning himself to catch long throws.


His athleticism shines through in his agility and short-area quickness. This enables him to create separation effectively. Couple that with his straight-line speed that threatens defenses vertically. Walker’s curvilinear acceleration and efficient footwork on back-shoulder plays further highlight his potential as a dynamic receiving threat.

Physical Attributes

Walker’s physical attributes – a blend of size, length, speed, and explosiveness – are what make him stand out as a rare vertical weapon. His ability to stretch the field laterally, as seen in his effectiveness on crossers, posts, drags, and sweeps, hints at a potential to be a significant threat in Run After Catch (RAC) situations.


With a tall frame, long arms, and strong hands, Walker boasts a significant catch radius, allowing him to haul in contested catches and excel in jump ball situations.

Finding Space Against Zone

He possesses keen zone awareness and excels at finding gaps in defensive coverage, making him a reliable target for quarterbacks.


Route Running

Despite his strengths, Walker displays hesitation in his initial burst upfield, impacting his ability to deceive defenders with route running. His head and eye movements at the top of routes lack nuance, potentially allowing defenders to anticipate his next move.

While proficient in vertical concepts, Walker’s route tree remains limited, particularly in shorter-to-intermediate routes. This indicates a need for further development in this aspect of his game. His reliance on vertical routes may hinder his adaptability to more complex offensive schemes in the NFL.

Final Thoughts on Devontez Walker Scouting Report

Devontez Walker’s emergence as a potent vertical threat in the 2023 college football season has clearly caught the attention of NFL scouts. His ability to scare DBs deep makes him an exciting prospect for teams in need of a dynamic deep-ball receiver. Walker’s natural speed and effortless ability to gain separation downfield are attributes that can’t be taught, marking him as a home-run hitter in the making. However, his game is not without areas for improvement.

His proficiency in zone plays is evident, but a lack of nuanced route-running skills, such as throttle control and efficient footwork, raises questions about his adaptability to the diverse demands of the NFL.

Despite these concerns, Walker’s raw abilities in his specialized role shouldn’t be overlooked. His excellent speed, ball-tracking skills, and the ability to create big plays make him an asset for any team. Especially one looking for a field stretcher or zone attacker. Walker’s potential as a complementary receiver in an offense that already possesses a primary wideout and another versatile receiver is significant.

While his route-running may currently place him below some of his peers, Walker’s innate abilities as a deep threat are rare in the 2024 draft class. With the right coaching and development, Walker has the potential to transcend his current limitations and become a more well-rounded and dangerous weapon in the NFL.

Devontez Walker NFL Comparison

Jacksonville Jaguar Calvin Ridley Jr.

Devontez Walker Draft Stock

Devontez Walker looks like a late second to early third-round pick at this time. He is ranked number 65 on Mock Draft Database. He will likely be taken near Xavier Legette and Blake Corum. This is a fair spot for him to be taken. Walker needs to improve his route running, but his playmaking abilities are rare.