Kingsley Suamataia NFL Draft Profile


Kingsley Suamataia Scouting Report


2024 NFL Draft Measurements

6’4″ 329 lbs.

Kingsley Suamataia 40 time: 5.10



Elite Athleticism

Kingsley Suamataia boasts elite athletic skills, as evidenced by his inclusion on Bruce Feldman’s ‘Freaks List’ at number 3. His exceptional speed and agility for his size enable him to excel in both pass protection and run blocking.

Strong and Balanced Frame

Suamataia possesses a strong and balanced frame, complemented by good arm length and hand size. These physical attributes contribute to his ability to control defenders and execute blocks effectively.

Exceptional Burst and Quickness

With exceptional burst and quickness, Suamataia can quickly reach second-level targets with precision and force. This agility allows him to engage defenders swiftly and create openings in both the running and passing game.

Efficient Pass Protection

Suamataia demonstrates efficiency in pass protection, utilizing quick and strategic hand movements to disrupt defenders. His ability to neutralize edge rushers showcases his effectiveness in protecting the quarterback.

Versatility and Range

Suamataia exhibits versatility and range, capable of playing both tackle positions within various offensive schemes. His adaptability makes him a valuable asset for teams utilizing RPO-heavy, zone-based systems.


Occasionally Upright Stance

Suamataia tends to play with an occasionally upright stance, leading to inconsistent hand placement and vulnerability to defenders. Maintaining a lower pad level will be crucial for him to improve his leverage and overall effectiveness.

Processing Defensive Schemes

Suamataia’s processing and recognition of defensive schemes need refinement, affecting his ability to counter stunts and blitzes effectively. Developing a better understanding of opponent tactics will enhance his performance in complex situations.


There are instances where Suamataia displays over-aggression, resulting in missed blocks against more elusive defenders. Improving his control and patience will help him maintain consistency in executing blocks.

Pad Level and Leverage

Suamataia needs to improve his pad level and leverage, particularly against powerful rushers. Enhancing these aspects of his technique will enable him to anchor more effectively and withstand bull rushes.

Footwork and Balance in Run Blocking

Suamataia’s footwork and balance in run blocking need improvement. He occasionally loses balance and lunges into contact rather than maintaining proper technique and leverage to sustain blocks.

Final Thoughts on Kingsley Suamataia Scouting Report

In summary, Kingsley Suamataia presents a promising package of elite athleticism and potential as an offensive tackle in the NFL. While his pass protection skills are advanced, his capabilities in the run game require refinement. With proper coaching and development, Suamataia has the potential to evolve into a standout offensive lineman at the professional level, particularly in schemes that prioritize pass-first strategies. His draft stock remains high due to his physical tools and versatility, making him a desirable prospect for teams seeking a dynamic presence on the offensive line.

Kingsley Suamataia NFL Comparison

A raw Rashawn Slater.

Kingsley Suamataia Draft Stock

Kingsley Suamataia is projected as a mid-second round pick at this time. He is ranked number 42 on Mock Draft Database. He is expected to be taken near Patrick Paul and Graham Barton. I believe this is too early for Suamataia. I love his athleticism and pass blocking, but his run blocking needs a lot of work. However, I would still take him in the third round due to his upside.