Tyler Guyton NFL Draft Profile


Tyler Guyton Scouting Report


2024 NFL Draft Measurements

6’7″ 327 lbs.

Tyler Guyton 40 time: 5.14 (estimate)




Tyler Guyton possesses impressive agility for an offensive tackle. His ability to move laterally and adjust to defenders allows him to effectively protect the quarterback and create running lanes.


One of Guyton’s standout strengths is his proficiency in pulling plays. Whether it’s in run blocking or executing designed plays, he shows excellent technique and timing when moving across the line of scrimmage.

Playing Through the Whistle

Guyton’s tenacity is evident in his commitment to playing through the whistle. He doesn’t give up on plays and consistently strives to finish blocks, showcasing a relentless attitude on the field.


Athleticism is a key asset for Guyton. His combination of speed, strength, and coordination makes him a well-rounded offensive lineman capable of handling various challenges posed by opposing defenders.


Guyton’s leadership qualities are notable. Whether it’s communicating with teammates, providing guidance on the field, or maintaining a positive demeanor, he exhibits the qualities of a leader within the offensive line unit.


Plays Too High

One area of improvement for Guyton is maintaining a lower pad level during plays. Playing too high can make him susceptible to losing leverage battles against defenders, impacting his ability to anchor effectively.

Knocked Down Too Often

Guyton’s tendency to be knocked down too often suggests a need for improved balance and stability. Developing better core strength and refining his footwork could help mitigate this weakness.

Final Thoughts on Tyler Guyton Scouting Report

Overall, Tyler Guyton enters the 2024 NFL Draft with a promising skill set, featuring exceptional agility, pulling abilities, and leadership qualities. Addressing his weaknesses, particularly playing with lower pad levels and enhancing overall balance, will be crucial for his success at the professional level. Teams looking for an agile and athletic offensive tackle with leadership potential will find Tyler Guyton to be a valuable prospect in the upcoming draft.

Tyler Guyton NFL Comparison

He’s a lot like Rasheed Walker from Green Bay.

Tyler Guyton Draft Stock

Tyler Guyton projects as an early to mid-second-round pick. He is number 38 on Mock Draft Database. He will likely be taken close to Graham Barton. I don’t like Guyton this much. He’s an excellent athlete, but he needs to improve on some basics. I think he’s gotten by on his athleticism so far and that won’t work in the pros. I would probably take him in the fourth round just based on his upside.