Michael Pratt NFL Draft Profile


Michael Pratt Scouting Report


2024 NFL Draft Measurements

6’2″ 217 lbs.

Michael Pratt 40 time: 4.65 (estimate, he did not run at the Combine or his pro day)



Physical Attributes

Michael Pratt boasts a strong, sturdy frame ideal for withstanding the rigors of the quarterback position. His durability and prototypical build make him a reliable pocket passer.

Mechanical Soundness

Pratt exhibits exceptional mechanics and fluidity in his throwing motion. His controlled shoulder tilt and precise footwork contribute to his ability to deliver accurate passes consistently.

Decision Making

Pratt is a steady decision-maker, displaying the ability to balance risk and reward effectively. He quickly recognizes defensive coverages and anticipates receiver movements, minimizing turnovers and maximizing offensive efficiency.

Pocket Presence

Pratt shows poise and awareness in the pocket, keeping his eyes downfield and shoulders level when extending plays. His disciplined dropback and natural base recalibration allow him to navigate pressure and deliver accurate throws under duress.

Competitive Toughness

Pratt possesses a competitive edge and grit that elevates his game in high-pressure situations. His ability to make plays when the pocket breaks down highlights his mental toughness and determination on the field.


Arm Strength

While Pratt demonstrates sufficient arm strength for short and intermediate throws, he lacks elite velocity on downfield passes. This limitation may restrict his ability to stretch the field vertically and challenge defenses deep.

Release Mechanics

Pratt’s winding release can cause delays in pass delivery and lead to inconsistencies in ball placement. Improving the efficiency of his release mechanics could enhance his overall passing efficiency.

Accuracy Outside the Numbers

Pratt occasionally struggles with pass accuracy outside the numbers, particularly on deep throws. Addressing this weakness will be crucial for expanding his effectiveness in attacking all areas of the field.


Final Thoughts on Michael Pratt Scouting Report

Michael Pratt may not possess the flashiest attributes among quarterbacks in the 2024 draft class, but his fundamental soundness and football IQ make him an intriguing prospect for NFL teams. His ability to read defenses, deliver accurate passes, and maintain composure under pressure are valuable traits that translate well to the professional level.

While Pratt may not have elite arm strength, his competitive toughness and determination set him apart as a potential franchise quarterback. With continued development and refinement of his mechanics and ball placement, he has the potential to become a reliable starter in the right NFL system. As a timing and rhythm passer, Pratt’s ability to make quick decisions and distribute the ball efficiently make him a promising prospect worth considering in the draft.

Michael Pratt Draft Stock

Michael Pratt is looked at as an early day 3 pick, early to mid-fourth round. Mock Draft Database has him ranked as their 112th overall prospect. He has a chance to be the first QB taken after Bo Nix and first outside the 1st round. This is where he should be taken. pratt is an interesting prospect, but I wouldn’t want to take him before day 3. Due to his lack of elite arm strength, I believe he would be best fit in a west coast offense.

Michael Pratt NFL Comparison

A little bigger Baker Mayfield.