Jaden Hicks NFL Draft Profile


Jaden Hicks Scouting Report


2024 NFL Draft Measurements

6’2″ 211 lbs.

Jaden Hicks 40 time: 4.5



Physical Attributes

Jaden Hicks possesses a solid build for the safety position, standing at 6 feet 2 inches tall and weighing 211 pounds. His frame allows him to deliver impactful hits and withstand physical play in the box.

Tackling Prowess

Hicks is a fundamentally sound tackler with excellent technique. He consistently wraps up ball carriers and demonstrates the ability to bring down larger opponents in open space.

Sideline-to-Sideline Range

Hicks showcases impressive lateral quickness and agility, allowing him to cover ground efficiently from sideline to sideline. His range enables him to contribute in both run support and coverage.

Ball Skills

Hicks displays a natural instinct for locating the football and making plays in the air. He shows confidence and timing when contesting passes, often coming down with interceptions or breaking up potential receptions.


One of Hicks’ notable strengths is his quickness off the snap and in reacting to developing plays. He possesses the burst to close gaps in coverage and disrupt passing lanes effectively.


Hicks demonstrates versatility in his ability to contribute in various defensive roles. Whether it’s playing deep in coverage, creeping into the box against the run, or blitzing off the edge, he displays adaptability and willingness to take on different responsibilities.


Zone Coverage Skills

Despite his strengths in man coverage, Hicks struggles to excel in zone coverage schemes. He occasionally displays hesitancy in recognizing route combinations and maintaining proper positioning within zone responsibilities.


While Hicks possesses physical tools, there are moments where his instincts seem to lag behind. He can be slow to diagnose plays, leading to delayed reactions and missed opportunities for impact plays.


Hicks’ performance can be inconsistent at times, with occasional lapses in focus and technique. Improving his consistency will be crucial for his success at the next level.

Final Thoughts on Jaden Hicks Scouting Report

Jaden Hicks is an intriguing safety prospect with a combination of size, athleticism, and tackling ability that NFL teams covet. His knack for making plays on the ball and versatility in defensive roles make him a valuable asset. However, he will need to refine his zone coverage skills and improve his instincts to become a more well-rounded safety at the professional level. With the right development and coaching, Hicks has the potential to carve out a successful career in the NFL, contributing both in run support and pass defense.

Jaden Hicks NFL Comparison

A taller Jabril Peppers.

Jaden Hicks Draft Stock

Jaden Hicks looks like an early to mid-third-round pick at this time. He is ranked number 79 on Mock Draft Database. I expect him to be picked close to Blake Corum and Ja’Lynn Polk. This is a fair position for him to be drafted. While his physical skills are very impressive, he still needs to develop more to be a star in the NFL.