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Braden Fiske Scouting Report


2024 NFL Draft Measurements

6’4″ 305 lbs.

Braden Fiske 40 time: 5.09 (estimate)


Quick Pass Rush

Braden Fiske demonstrates quickness off the snap in the pass rush, allowing him to apply immediate pressure on opposing quarterbacks. His violent hands and adept use of inside counter moves showcase his effectiveness in disrupting passing plays.

Heavy and Aggressive Hands

Fiske possesses heavy hands and deploys them aggressively, rocking offensive linemen backward. His ability to disengage and out-grapple blockers highlights his physicality, making him a formidable presence on the defensive line.

Awareness and Counter Moves

Fiske displays excellent awareness in reading and reacting to blockers. His ability to work off blockers and strategically counter as the play unfolds is a testament to his football IQ and adaptability during games.

Versatility in Run Defense

Combining strength and footwork, Fiske fills holes effectively in run defense. His capability to recover from cut blocks and maintain pursuit to make tackles demonstrates his well-rounded skill set against the run.

High-Motor Pass Rusher

Fiske is a high-motor pass rusher with good quickness. His compact yet wide frame, coupled with long arms, allows him to relentlessly pursue quarterbacks, contributing to his success in generating pressure.


Upright Playing Style

Fiske tends to play upright, compromising his leverage at the line of scrimmage. This can result in being stonewalled by offensive linemen and limits his ability to consistently penetrate the backfield.

Tackling Issues

Despite getting hands on ball carriers, Fiske struggles with missed tackles. Improving hand placement and overall tackling technique is essential for him to become a more reliable finisher on plays.

Underpowered Against Double Teams

Fiske appears to be underpowered, especially when facing double teams. His tendency to play too high in such situations hinders his ability to hold the point of attack effectively, potentially allowing offensive linemen to create running lanes.

Final Thoughts on Braden Fiske Scouting Report

In summary, Braden Fiske brings a combination of quickness, hand technique, and awareness to the defensive line. While he excels as a pass rusher and shows promise in run defense, improvements in leverage, tackling, and power against double teams will be crucial for his success at the next level. His high motor and physical attributes make him an intriguing prospect for the 2024 NFL Draft.

Braden Fiske NFL Comparison

Seattle Seahawk Leonard Williams.

Braden Fiske Draft Stock

Braden Fiske looks like an early to mid-fourth-round pick at this point. He is ranked number 79 on Mock Draft Database. It looks like he’ll be taken close to Max Melton and Zak Zinter. I think this is a fair place for him. I would take him in the fourth round.