Patrick Paul NFL Draft Profile


Patrick Paul Scouting Report- Houston Offensive Tackle


2024 NFL Draft Measurements

6’7″ 315 lbs.

Patrick Paul 40 time: 5.09 (estimate)



Experience and Leadership

Patrick Paul brings a wealth of experience as a four-year starting left tackle at Houston, showcasing his reliability and durability with 44 career starts. His role as a team captain in the 2023 season underscores his leadership qualities and the trust placed in him by his teammates.

Frame and Athleticism

With a tall, high-cut frame, Paul possesses excellent arm length and displays good athletic ability on the field. This combination provides him with the physical tools necessary for the offensive tackle position at the professional level.

Quickness and Set Variety

Paul exhibits good quickness out of his stance, employing a mix of 45-degree/angle and vertical sets to reach his landmarks efficiently. His ability to vary his set points allows him to handle different pass-rushing techniques, giving him versatility in protecting the quarterback.

Punch and Anchor

Utilizing a circle punch technique, Paul effectively evades cross-chop attempts, showcasing his hand technique. His anchor against bull rushes is strong, demonstrating the ability to strain and dissipate power, providing a solid foundation in pass protection.

Run-Blocking Skills

In Houston’s balanced, zone-based run scheme, Paul excels as a combo and climb zone run-blocker. He adeptly feeds the first-level defender before sealing off second-level targets, showcasing his effectiveness in opening running lanes for ball carriers.

Nasty Demeanor

Paul’s tone-setting demeanor on the field is evident, driving his feet through the whistle and seeking to bury opponents. This aggressive mindset adds an edge to his play and can be harnessed as an asset in the trenches.


Hand Placement and Upright Playing Style

One of Paul’s notable weaknesses is his upright playing style, leading to an exposed chest and late, looping hand placement. Improving hand placement to keep defenders at his fingertips and reducing the propensity to hold will be crucial for his success at the next level.

Pad Level and Late Moves

At the top of the quarterback’s drop, Paul can get a little lazy, allowing his pads to rise before falling off late inside moves. Maintaining proper pad level is essential to prevent losing leverage and ensure consistent protection.

Inconsistency in Sustain Skills

While Paul displays good stopping power in his anchor, there is inconsistency in his sustain skills. He needs to refine his technique to maintain leverage and prevent falling off blocks late in the rush, especially against effective stutters and hesitations.

Final Thoughts on Patrick Paul Scouting Report

In summary, Patrick Paul enters the 2024 NFL Draft with a mix of strengths and weaknesses. While his experience, leadership, frame, and run-blocking skills make him an intriguing prospect, addressing issues with hand placement, pad level, and consistency in pass protection will be crucial for his successful transition to the professional level. With the right coaching and development, Paul’s ideal length and athletic ability can potentially make him a starting offensive tackle in the NFL.

Patrick Paul NFL Comparison

Paul reminds me of Tyron Smith.

Patrick Paul Draft Stock

Patrick Paul looks like an early to mid-second-round pick as of now. He is number 49 on Mock Draft Database. I would expect him to be picked near Tyler Guyton. Unlike Guyton, I am high on Paul. I think Paul deserves to be in the late first round conversation. If Paul does last until the mid-second round, I believe a team is getting a steal.