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2024 NFL Draft Measurements

6’4″ 196 lbs.

Adonai Mitchell 40 time: 4.46 (estimate)


Adonai Mitchell enters the 2024 NFL Draft as one of the most intriguing wide receiver prospects, boasting a unique combination of physical attributes and technical skills. Standing out among his strengths are his impressive height and length, agility, footwork, and exceptional body control. However, Mitchell faces challenges in dealing with physical coverage and refining his route-running abilities.



Standing tall at 6’4″, Mitchell’s height and length are immediate eye-catchers on the field. These physical traits provide him with a distinct advantage over defenders, allowing him to high-point passes and create mismatches, particularly in red-zone situations.


Mitchell’s agility is a standout feature of his game. Whether breaking away from defenders in open space or making sharp cuts on his routes, his agility contributes to his ability to create separation and make defenders miss, showcasing his versatility as a playmaker.


Mitchell’s footwork is a testament to his commitment to precision. His quick and efficient foot movements allow him to gain separation from defenders and create windows for quarterbacks, making him a reliable target in various offensive schemes.

Body Control

One of Mitchell’s most impressive attributes is his body control. He consistently adjusts to poorly thrown balls, showcasing the ability to contort his body mid-air to make acrobatic catches. This skill not only makes him a reliable target but also allows him to turn contested situations into positive gains.


Physical Coverage

Mitchell’s struggles with physical coverage are a notable weakness in his game. Press coverage can disrupt his timing and route running, affecting his ability to get open and limiting his impact on certain plays. Developing techniques to combat physical defenders will be crucial for his success at the next level.

Route Running

While Mitchell’s footwork is impressive, his route running is an area that requires refinement. Developing a more extensive and nuanced route tree will increase his effectiveness as a receiver, making him a more unpredictable and challenging target for opposing defenses.

Final Thoughts on Adonai Mitchell Scouting Report

Adonai Mitchell’s draft profile is marked by a tantalizing blend of physical gifts and developing technical skills. His height and length, agility, footwork, and body control make him an exciting prospect for teams seeking a dynamic receiver who can contribute in various facets of the passing game.

Mitchell’s ability to high-point passes and make contested catches provides a reliable option for quarterbacks in critical situations. His agility and footwork make him a threat in the open field, capable of turning short receptions into substantial gains. Additionally, his body control allows him to be a consistent playmaker, even in challenging circumstances.

However, Mitchell’s weaknesses, specifically his struggles against physical coverage and the need for improvement in route running, are areas that NFL coaches will undoubtedly target for development. With the right coaching and dedication to refining these aspects of his game, Mitchell has the potential to become a well-rounded and dangerous weapon in an NFL offense.

As he transitions to the professional level, Mitchell’s success will hinge on his ability to adapt to the physicality of NFL defenses and refine his route running to create consistent separation. If he can address these areas, Adonai Mitchell has the potential to make a significant impact in the NFL, providing a reliable and dynamic target for his future quarterback.

Adonai Mitchell NFL Comparison

Denver Bronco Courtland Sutton

Adonai Mitchell Draft Stock

Adonai Mitchell looks to be an early to mid-second-round pick at this point. He is number 35 on Mock Draft Database. He will likely be taken close to Xavier Legette and team and position mate Xavier Worthy. I wouldn’t be comfortable taking him at this point. I have too many concerns about his play to take him this early. The third round is where I would look at him.