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Haskell Garrett Scouting Report: 2022 NFL Draft Prospect 

Defensive Tackle, Ohio State Buckeyes, #92 



40 time: 5.13 Coming out of High School 

Haskell Garrett Player Profile 

It is always nice to be able to watch a stud interior lineman make a difference in a game. Haskell was originally from Vermont, then moved to Hawaii until he was 13, before settling in Nevada. Haskell Garrett is a former 4 star recruit out of Las Vegas, NV and played all four years at Bishop Gorman. He helped the program win 4 straight championships, while not losing a single game during his tenure. His stats at Bishop Gorman included 56 TFL, 25 sacks, and even an interception his senior season. He had several scholarships to many big schools including Notre Dame, Texas A&M, Penn State, Oregon and Oklahoma. With all of those offers, Garrett ended up committing to Ohio State. He has been on the team for 5 years and steadily grown into a stout run stopping interior defensive lineman. 

Haskell Garrett Strengths 

Strength and Bull Rush 

Haskell Garrett showed brute strength on the line, whether getting blocked one on one, or by a double team. When his feet are planted, it is very difficult to move him off the line of scrimmage. He also showed that he could move offensive lineman to where he wanted them to go. His primary pass rush technique was a bull rush move. Using the bull rush, he was successful at pushing the offensive lineman back to the QB on several occasions. 


Haskell Garrett is very fast off the snap, already getting in the offensive lineman’s face before they get out of their stance. This is a result of timing the snap and superior footwork. This allows him to get off the line and have amazing quickness off the ball. This gives him an advantage against offensive lineman by making them unbalanced off the line, because they did not expect how fast he is. 


Ohio State DT Haskell Garrett

Ohio State DT Haskell Garrett

Haskell Garrett can not only be on the inside of the defensive line, but can also play defensive end as well. Garrett did very well at containing the edge of the line when playing end. His quickness in short distance allows him to contain the edge and make runners go inside for the linebackers to cover up. From the film I watched, it wasn’t often he was put out to the edge, but he was very effective when he was. 


Many times I witnessed running backs get past the line of scrimmage, only to have Haskell come from behind and made a crucial tackle. Garrett’s tackling form is solid as well. I saw him make great tackles on the other side of the field. He does this by taking great angles to catch the defender down the field, always staying in the play. 

Attracts Double Teams

I noticed in many games, Haskell was being double teamed quite frequently. This ability had a huge positive impact in defending the run for the Buckeyes. Attracting double teams allows his teammates to come in and make a play, rather than Garrett being in on all run stops. 

Haskell Garrett Weaknesses 

Pass Rush Moves 

Outside of his lethal bull rush move, that he has a lot of success with, his other pass rush moves don’t work often. I saw plenty of rip moves and swim moves. None of these moves got him any QB pressures. Garrett does not have the versatility of pass rush moves and needs to develop these to take the next step. Defensive tackles are being asked to rush the passer more and more often.


Ohio State DT Haskell Garrett

Ohio State DT Haskell Garrett

Of course, when we look at defensive tackles we look for speed like Los Angeles Rams DT Aaron Donald. Donald is a freak when it comes to speed at the defensive tackle position with a 40 record time of 4.68. Obviously coming out of high school, Garrett’s reported 40 time is very slow. Judging his speed from the film, he is still a bit slow for his position based off of Aaron Donald’s time recorded. I expect at least a 4.9 40 time from him this offseason. He will need work to improve his speed to add another lethal aspect to his gameplay. 

Haskell Garrett Draft Stock 

I see Haskell Garrett going no later than the 3rd round of the 2022 NFL Draft. Defensive tackle is a huge need for nearly all teams in the NFL, at the very least for depth. Haskell has big game experience at Ohio State, including college playoff games and a college national championship. He brings in some lethal defensive tackle skills with his strength and football IQ at the line of scrimmage. The combonation of experience in big games and raw talent is tantalizing. There are multiple teams that could use the services of a defensive tackle. Off the top of my head the Los Angeles Chargers, Houston Texans, New York Jets, and Minnesota Vikings could all use help. These teams specifically have struggled to stop the run this season and are missing a presence on the inside of the defensive line. 

Final Thoughts on Haskell Garrett 

Haskell Garrett is a very talented run stopping defensive tackle with the versatility to play inside or outside on the line. He has the football IQ to get his arms up and swat throws when he doesn’t get to the quarterback. Haskell can even spy a mobile quarterback. He has the strength to take on single blocks and double teams and hold his own at the line of scrimmage. For pass rush, he has a lethal bull rush that causes problems for any offense right up the middle of the line.

Haskell needs to work on getting faster and improving his pass rush moves such as his swim and rip moves. Haskell is yet another fantastic talented defensive tackle from Ohio State that can make an immediate impact on any running defense. He even has the potential to become a good pass rushing DT as well. 

Haskell Garrett NFL Comparison 

Haskell Garrett reminds me of a fellow Ohio State Buckeye, Cameron Heyward. Like Heyward, he plays very tough against the run and is a very strong football player as well as a leader on the defensive line. He would just need to improve his pass rushing skills like Heyward has since he was drafted by the Steelers.