Graham Barton NFL Draft Profile


Graham Barton Scouting Report


2024 NFL Draft Measurements

6’5″ 306 lbs.

Graham Barton 40 time: 5.09 (estimate)



Pad Level

Graham Barton‘s pad level is a major asset, allowing him to establish leverage and control in both run and pass blocking. His ability to maintain a low center of gravity contributes to his effectiveness against opposing defenders.


Barton plays with a high level of aggression, showcasing a tenacious attitude on the field. This aggression is evident in his run blocking, where he drives defenders off the line, and in pass protection, where he engages opponents with physicality.

Football IQ

Barton possesses a high football IQ, demonstrating a deep understanding of offensive schemes and defensive strategies. His ability to read and react quickly to different situations on the field enhances his overall effectiveness as an offensive tackle.


Barton’s hand technique is a notable strength, featuring a strong punch in pass protection and precise hand placement in run blocking. His adept use of hands allows him to control and redirect defenders, showcasing his technical proficiency.


Arm Length

Barton’s shorter arm length is a notable weakness, potentially making him susceptible to defenders with longer reach. This could pose challenges in fending off edge rushers, and addressing this area of concern will be crucial for his success at the next level.

Susceptible to Pass Rush Moves

Barton shows vulnerability to a variety of pass-rush moves. Opponents with a diverse set of techniques may exploit this weakness, and improving his ability to counter different pass-rushing strategies is an area for development.

Final Thoughts on Graham Barton Scouting Report

Graham Barton is a promising offensive tackle prospect for the 2024 NFL Draft. His strengths in pad level, aggression, football IQ, and hands make him a valuable asset on the offensive line. However, addressing concerns regarding arm length and susceptibility to pass rush moves will be pivotal for his success in the professional ranks.

With the right coaching and development, Barton has the potential to become a reliable contributor to an NFL offensive line, providing both protection in the passing game and strength in the running game. Teams seeking a technically sound and aggressive offensive tackle should consider Graham Barton in the upcoming draft.

Graham Barton NFL Comparison

His game reminds me of Miami guard Robert Hunt.

Graham Barton Draft Stock

Barton looks like a late first to mid-second-round pick at this point. He is number 28 on Mock Draft Database. He is a little later because he’s expected to transition to guard in the NFL and guards are traditionally taken later in the NFL Draft. I believe he will be taken close to Troy Fautanu and Jackson Powers Johnson. Personally, I would look to take him in the early second round. I think he’s a very good, but not great guard prospect.