Anton Harrison NFL Draft Profile and Scouting Report

OT, Anton Harrison, Oklahoma Sooners # 71


Anton Harrison Scouting Report Measurements

40 time: 5.6 coming out of high school according to his ESPN Recruiting page. I would gues closer to 5.25 now. He looks fluid on film.

6’ 5” / 315 lbs


Anton Harrion NFL Draft Profile


Anton Harrison was a 4 star prospect according to 247sports and the 17th offensive tackle in the country coming out of Archbishop Carroll in Washington, DC. The same high school of NFL linebacker Jeremiah Attaochu. He garnered enough attention to participate in the Under Armour All-American game and receive offers from schools such as Michigan, Ohio State, and Penn State before choosing to play Saturdays in Norman.


It wouldn’t take long for him to see the field. In 2020, as a true freshman, he would play nine games at LT while only allowing one sack against Big 12 copetition. In 2021 he would start 12 games at left tackle and play in 13 contests. Most recently, this season he saw the field in 12 contests and earned All-Big 12 first team nods from the AP Poll and coaches poll before opting out of the Cheez-It-Bowl against Florida State.




Awareness and Play Recognition


I had heard a few other scouts saying Harrison was lacking in this department, but I think they forgot to wath his 2022 game film. Harrison seems to see everything and recognize where the defense is attacking from with ease. Against stunts and zone blitzes he always finds himself in the right place. 

On top of that, he does a great job of getting his hands on one rusher and stalling there rush before re-adjusting to the outside rusher and stopping them in their tracks. He also sees every late blitz they throw at him as he continually thwarts those efforts as well. On running plays when he has no immediate assignment, he understands where the second level will be and how to get to the linebackers quickly to establish good body positon to help his ball carrier find clear running lanes.


Pass Protection


On film, this young man can really protect his QB. This is something I’m sure Dillon Gabriel appreciated after his transfer to Oklahoma. Harrison routinely mirrors pass rushers almost as if he knows what’s coming. He is quick to get his long arms into the chest of the defenders and has a good first punch. 

I love how well he keeps pass rushers hands at bay and doesn’t even let them establish a pass rush. He does so by getting his hands on theirs quickly. Regularly, when a rusher isn’t able to get to the edge, he will establish body control with his hand on their bicep. He does this while not letting his hands get too far outside. 

He also maintains impeccable footwork. I watched his film twice looking for a glaring hole in his footwork because PFF had questioned his mechanics. I’m thinking they were wrong or they had only watched outdated film. He doesn’t over extend on slide steps or cross his feet. Rarely do you see him on the grass at the end of plays. Against speed rushers he negates their bend and pushes them past the pocket almost like it’s too easy for him. I would feel safe with him on my blind side.




Lacks Tenacity 

I have never been quiet about how I love lineman with a mean streak, similar to a Trent Williams or Ikem Ekwonu last draft. Harrison is not that guy. I would like to see him finsih plays and drive defenders into the turf at least once in a while. I know he has the strength, he just plays a bit timid. Another place this shows is when he is pushing a rusher past the pocket and he gets extension. He just gently moves them past, but I’d like to see him send them to the ground or at least an extra 7 yards down field.


Run Blocking

Really ,this isn’t a weakness as he is more than adequate at blocking in the run game and creating lanes. It’s more nit picking as I would just like to see him take it to the next level. Adding some mean streak and seing what he can do when being asked to pull more often etc. I believe his testing numbers at the NFL Combine will have a lot to do with what scheme teams will see him in.


Anton Harrison Draft Stock


In November of 2022, PFF had him listed as the fourth best OT. They had this to say about him at the time.

Harrison’s mirroring ability at 6-foot-5, 315 pounds is what earns him this spot on the list. You see the natural athleticism in every pass set he takes, even if his technique isn’t quite dialed in yet. He earned an 85.6 pass-blocking grade last season.”

I would say his technique seems to have caught up. Mockdraftdatabase has him as a late first early second rounder in most mocks. I’m not far off in that assesment. I’d feel comfortable taking him even earlier if I’m a pass heavy offense. If you are looking to run the ball I would maybe look to a guy like Paris Johnson before him.


Final Thoughts on Anton Harrison Scouting Report


Harrison looks the part. Now we have to wait and see if he can add to his game at the next level. Overall, I was really impressed after watching Harrison’s film. The only thing I want to see change is his aggressiveness. However, it’s not a huge issue if he is drafted to be a pure pass blocker and protect his QB’s blind side. 

I would definitley label him as a technician though, and I am eagerly awaiting his combine or pro day testing numbers. If he can show that he is the athlete he looks like on tape, I wouldn’t be surprised to see him lock up a day one grade. If he struggles on the bench I wonder if we don’t see an Orlando Brown situation where a team would be getting the steal of the draft in round 3.


Anton Harrison Player Comparison 


Just last season Charles Cross was someone who stepped his game up and went in the first round. He too was known more as a pass blocker who could use some work in the run game. He went top 10 to Seattle and has played relatively well. 

After some deep consideration I really want to compare him to Atlanta Falcons Tackle Jake Matthews, find his scouting report here. Harrison should be a solid starter in the NFL and, like Mathews, he is a pass blocking technician. The only differerence I see they is that Mathews had more of that mean streak coming out of college which helped him be further ahead of Harrison as a run blocker.


Anoton Harrison Scouting Report