Treylon Burks Scouting Report: Treylon Burks NFL Draft Profile


Wide Receiver, Arkansas Razorbacks, # 16



6’3” / 225 lbs

40 Time: 4.4 – 4.5 (estimated)


Treylon Burks NFL Draft Player Profile

A four-year letterman out of Warren High School in Arkansas, Burks also played basketball and baseball. Treylon finished his high school career with 151 receptions for 3,403 yards and 43 touchdowns. Burks would earn a four-star rating from 247Sports, Rivals, and ESPN. ESPN tabbed Treylon as the #11 wide receiver in the nation and #82 in the country overall.


Arkansas WR Treylon Burks

Arkansas WR Treylon Burks

Burks would sign with Arkansas and see immediate playing time. As a freshman he would play in 11 games, making nine starts. Treylon would make 29 receptions for 475 yards and add nine rushes for 35 yards. He would also help out on special teams returning both punts and kickoffs. Burks would return 12 punts for 130 yards, with 11 kickoff returns for 226 yards. This early success would help earn Treylon a SEC All-Freshman team selection, as well as an All-SEC second team nomination (as a punt/kick returner). Burks followed that up with 51 catches for 820 yards and seven touchdowns. He would add another 70 yards on 15 rushes. All of this in just nine games during the shortened 2020 season. This would earn an All-SEC second team selection for Burks, this time as a wide receiver.

Before the 2021 season, Treylon was added to both the Biletnikoff Award and Maxwell Award watchlists. While the Razorbacks have cooled off after their hot start, Burks has continued to be productive. Through seven games he has caught 38 passes for 628 yards and five touchdowns. Treylon has also continued to help out occasionally on the ground with 4 rushes for 15 yards.


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Treylon Burks Strengths


Rare Combination

It’s not often that you see someone that has the size of Burks that also has the athleticism that he has. At 6’3” and 225 lbs., just looking at Treylon you would expect him to be a bully wide receiver. But he is surprisingly fast for a big wide receiver. Not only that, he shows the ability to make some cuts that you would typically only expect to see from smaller receivers. I feel like this term is a little overused these days, but Burks really is a freakish athlete.

There are times when he uses his rare combination of size and strength to push through multiple would be tacklers. He isn’t easy to take down and will utilize his abilities to convert on crucial third downs. In their game against Texas A&M, he looked like a man amongst boys more than once.



Watching Treylon play, it’s clear that he has great hands. One-handed catches, catches in traffic, it doesn’t seem to matter to him. It probably helps that he has 10 ¼ inch hands that require 5XL gloves to be specially ordered. That’s bigger hands than the likes of Stefon Diggs, Amari Copper, Keenan Allen and Julio Jones. He does a great job of catching the ball in front, not letting it get in on his body. Burks also does a great job of high pointing the ball. He brings some of that basketball background to the football field by blocking out the defender, never giving them a chance to make a play.


Does it All

Not only is Treylon a great wide receiver, but he helps out in pretty much every offensive phase. He’s ran the ball out of the backfield, he’s returned punts and kicks, and even thrown a handful of passes. Burks is also a really good blocker in the running game. He does a great job of gaining position on the defender and walling them off from the runner. You also can see him carrying those blocks 10-15+ yards down the field on longer runs.


Treylon Burks Weakneses


Body Language


Arkansas WR Treylon Burks

Arkansas WR Treylon Burks

I don’t really have anything against Burks physical play on the field. Instead, this is more of a mental knock against him. Arkansas’ season got off to a fast start, but recently they’ve ran into a rough stretch. With that it’s natural that players are going to be frustrated. But when watching Treylon play in and play out I couldn’t help but notice that his body language and effort would change the worse things got. The little extra effort to get to blocks wasn’t there.

The slight showing of frustration when not getting the ball. It’s small, but it would be something that I would want to do a deeper dive into if I worked for an NFL team. Where is his mental state and is he mature enough to be the guy? Luckily, not many rookies have to be the guy from day 1.


Treylon Burks NFL Draft Stock

Coming into the season, Burks was considered to be one of the top handful of wide receiver prospects for the 2022 NFL Draft. Now the talk isn’t about him being one of the best few, but rather is he the best overall? As of now, Burks is a lock to be a first round pick. Any and all teams in need of a wide receiver should have him near the top of their big boards.


Final Thoughts on Treylon Burks NFL Draft Profile

I’m a little ashamed to admit that I didn’t know more about Treylon Burks before watching his games. A player with his combination of not only size and speed, but the ability to make the open field cuts that he does is crazy. Before watching him, I knew he was a good player and figured that he’ll be hearing his name by the end of the first round.

When Ken gave me the assignment, he told me that he thought Burks could end up being one of the top two wide receivers in this class. That surprised me a little, but now I completely agree. I’m not willing to say he’s the #1 guy just yet, but he’s clearly rising up the board quickly and competing with Chris Olave and Garrett Wilson. There’s a good chance that Burks will be selected in the top half of the first round of the 2022 NFL Draft.

Update, Ken Noble has since said Burks has overtaken Olave as the best WR in the 2022 NFL Draft class on his big board. Big praise considering he is one of Olave’s biggest supporters.

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Treylon Burks Scouting Report / Treylon Burks NFL Draft Profile by Brandon Claburn