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Derion Kendrick Scouting Report: 2022 NFL Draft Profile

CB, Georgia Bulldogs, #11



6’0” / 190 lbs.

40 Time: 4.45 (estimate)


Derion Kendrick NFL Draft  Player Profile

Derion Kendrick is a former 5-star recruit out of South Pointe High School in Rock Hill, South Carolina. Although Kendrick is a top 10 corner in the 2022 NFL Draft class, he was strictly a wide receiver. According to 247sports, Kendrick was ranked as the number 4 wide receiver in the nation. When looking at the rankings he was ranked above Jaylen Waddle and former teammate Justyn Ross. Although Kendrick currently plays for Georgia, he started his career with the Clemson Tigers. Even though he was recruited to Clemson as a wide receiver, he only played wide receiver his freshman season.

Georgia CB Derion Kendrick

Georgia CB Derion Kendrick when at Clemson

During his sophomore season at Clemson, he had a very effective year. Kendrick finished the year with 43 total tackles (30 solo), 2 interceptions and 5 pass defenses. In the College Football Playoffs alone, he racked up a total of 16 tackles, and 2 pass defenses. Considering they were playing Ohio St. and LSU, these stats are very impressive.

Unfortunately, his junior season was less effective than his sophomore year. A big reason why this was the case is because he only played a total of 8 games. Although it was less effective on paper, his production during these games wasn’t too far off. For example, even though he played less games this season, he still had 6 pass defenses. After this season, Kendrick made the decision to enter the transfer portal and finish his college career at Georgia.

Although his stats this season look about the same as his sophomore season, I have really seen him take his game to a whole new level. Going into this season, I was intrigued by his talent and would have even considered him a first round talent. In fact, the only reason he may not be a first round pick, is because of how deep this corner class is.

Derion Kendrick Strengths

Football IQ

A big reason why I like Kendrick as a prospect so much is primarily due to his football IQ and awareness. When watching his film throughout his college career, I couldn’t help but realize how calculated his moves are. His game consists of a blend of knowledge and reaction. This is a very good combination to have at the cornerback position. His knowledge comes into play on every snap because of his history at the wide receiver position.

When he is lined up opposite of the wide receiver, it looks like he is anticipating what they could do. Once the ball is snapped, this is where his reactions come into play. If he is able to anticipate what the receiver is going to do and he can react accordingly, he can make a play on the ball. If he was not able to anticipate what the receiver was going to do, he can adjust quickly and stay with the receiver.

Ball Skills

Georgia CB Derion Kendrick

Georgia CB Derion Kendrick

Given that Kendrick is a former wide receiver, he is able to translate those skills to the cornerback position. The biggest skill that translates is his ability to make a play on the ball. He does a fantastic job of positioning his body in the right spot so he has a chance to pick the ball off. In Clemson’s game against Miami in 2020, Kendrick had a very impressive interception. Will Mallory looked like he was running a fade route against Kendrick in press coverage. The ball was slightly underthrown and Kendrick made a diving catch for the interception. When I saw this, it made me want to see him take some offensive snaps again.


Kendrick is one of the most versatile players in the nation especially when it comes to the coverage he plays. When watching film of him at both Clemson and Georgia, I was impressed by his ability to effectively play man and zone coverage. In both coverages, he does a fantastic job of keeping an eye on the QB. Being able to stay in coverage and watch the QB will help his transition into the NFL. This is something a lot of rookie corners struggle with right out of the gate in the NFL.


As I noted earlier, Kendrick is a very versatile corner and his athleticism is a big reason why. Although he might not have the best top speed out of all the corners in this draft class, his acceleration and elusiveness are up there. I am in love with Kendrick’s ability to change directions and keep his tight coverage on the receiver. I do think he will struggle to keep up with top route runners in the NFL. However, I think that he will be perfectly fine against the rest of the competition.

Derion Kendrick Weaknesses

Thin Frame

Kendrick stands at 6’1” and weighs around 190 lbs. Although this would not be considered as too skinny, his frame is a red flag. When watching his film, I couldn’t help but realize that he consistently struggled against bigger receivers. In the NFL you have to be able to defend bigger receivers, especially in the redzone. Although Kendrick is a good height to guard bigger receivers, he was overpowered more often than not. A player that also had this weakness coming out of college is Cameron Dantzler who currently plays for the Vikings. If this is an area Kendrick wants to work on, I recommend putting on 10 lbs. of muscle.

Run Defense

Although I would classify Kendrick as a solid run defender with help, he has some improvements to make. If he is not able to hit the running back head-on, he can rarely make the stop. A big reason why this is the case is because he struggles to wrap his arms around the ball carrier. At the cornerback position, you are often seen as the last line of defense in the run game. If you are not able to make an open field tackle on a running back, you will struggle in the NFL.

Derion Kendrick Draft Stock

When trying to decipher where Kendrick will go in the draft, it was very difficult to do considering this cornerback class is very deep. With this being said, I think that he will likely fall to the mid-late 2nd round or even early 3rd round.

Final Thoughts on Derion Kendrick

Overall, I think that Kendrick is a very good talent and will have a good career in the NFL. With this being said, there are a few things that he should work on before playing every snap. Specifically, there are three things he needs to improve on. Number one, I think he should work on adding around 10 lbs. so he can compete with bigger receivers. Number two, he should work on his ability to tackle in the run game. Finally, he should work on trying to get his top speed up a little bit so he can do better on fade routes.

Derion Kendrick Player Comparison

When thinking of comparisons for Derion Kendrick, two players came to mind. His play style reminded me a lot of Adoree’ Jackson while he was at USC. His athleticism and size reminded me of Patrick Peterson at LSU.

Derion Kendrick Scouting Report by Matthew Lewis.