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Xavier Worthy Scouting Report- Texas Wide Receiver


2024 NFL Draft Measurements

6’1″ 164 lbs.

Xavier Worthy 40 time: 4.29 (estimate)



Xavier Worthy, the standout wide receiver from the University of Texas, has quickly made a name for himself with his explosive speed, precise route running, and big-play ability. In this comprehensive scouting report, we’ll delve into Worthy’s strengths, areas for improvement, and the overall impact he brings to the Longhorns’ passing game.


Physical Attributes

Speed and Acceleration

One of Xavier Worthy’s defining traits is his blazing speed and acceleration. His ability to reach top speed in an instant makes him a constant deep threat and a nightmare for defenders trying to keep pace. Worthy’s speed not only stretches defenses vertically but also contributes to his effectiveness in creating separation on short and intermediate routes.

Agility and Quickness

Worthy’s agility and quickness are integral to his success in and out of breaks. Whether making sharp cuts on short routes or eluding defenders in the open field, his nimble footwork allows him to navigate through traffic and gain yards after the catch. Worthy’s agility adds a layer of versatility to his route-running repertoire.

Precise Route Running

Worthy displays an advanced understanding of route running for a player of his age. His routes are crisp, precise, and run with consistency, making him a reliable target for Texas quarterbacks. Worthy’s ability to vary his pace, sell double moves, and create separation showcases the polish in his route-running technique.

Release Off the Line

Worthy demonstrates an effective release off the line of scrimmage when facing press coverage. His quick footwork, combined with subtle hand movements, allows him to defeat jams and get into his routes cleanly. Worthy’s release sets the foundation for his success in gaining separation and creating big-play opportunities.

Natural Hands

Worthy’s hands are a reliable asset in the passing game. Whether tracking deep balls or securing catches in traffic, he displays natural hands with the ability to pluck the ball out of the air. Worthy’s hand-eye coordination contributes to his effectiveness as a downfield threat and a reliable target in contested-catch situations.

Ball Tracking and Adjustments

Worthy excels in tracking the ball in flight, showcasing an ability to make mid-air adjustments to poorly thrown passes. His spatial awareness and tracking skills contribute to his success on deep routes, turning potential incompletions into completed passes. Worthy’s knack for locating the ball enhances his overall impact in the passing game.

Big-Play Ability

Xavier Worthy’s biggest strength lies in his big-play ability. His combination of speed, route running, and ball-tracking skills allows him to stretch the field vertically and turn routine plays into explosive gains. Worthy’s capacity to turn short receptions into long touchdowns adds a game-changing dimension to the Texas offense.

Yards After Catch (YAC)

Worthy’s agility and elusiveness make him dangerous in the open field. He is adept at making defenders miss, turning quick screens or short passes into significant gains. Worthy’s YAC ability not only provides an immediate boost to the passing game but also makes him a threat to score on every touch.


Blocking Consistency

While Worthy is primarily known for his receiving skills, improving his consistency as a blocker could enhance his overall contribution to the offense. Becoming a more engaged and effective blocker downfield will not only benefit his teammates but also contribute to the success of the running game.

Physicality Against Press Coverage

As Worthy faces more physical cornerbacks, developing a more physical approach against press coverage will be essential. Enhancing his ability to use his hands to combat jams and create separation will make him an even more formidable matchup for defenders at the line of scrimmage.

Final Thoughts on Xavier Worthy Scouting Report

Xavier Worthy has quickly become a focal point of the Texas Longhorns’ passing game, showcasing a rare combination of speed, route-running acumen, and big-play ability. As he continues to develop and refine his game, addressing areas for improvement such as consistency as a blocker and physicality against press coverage will be crucial. Worthy’s trajectory suggests a bright future as a dynamic playmaker, and his continued growth will be closely monitored as he cements his place as a key asset in the Texas receiving corps.

Xavier Worthy NFL Comparison

Tyreek Hill.

Xavier Worthy Draft Stock

He looks like a mid to late first-round pick to me. He has a legit shot at a sub 4.3 40, I can’t see him falling out of the first round with that. He’s probably going to be picked around Troy Franklin and Emeka Egbuka.