Max Melton NFL Draft Profile


Max Melton Scouting Report

Rutgers, CB

6’0″, 195 lbs.

Max Melton 40 time: 4.44



Physical Attributes

Max Melton possesses an intriguing combination of size and athleticism, standing at 6’0″ and weighing 195 pounds. His impressive physique gives him the ability to effectively match up against various types of receivers. Melton uses his size to play in a variety of positions. He can be deployed on the outside, in the slot, or even as a safety if needed. This versatility makes him a valuable asset to any defensive coordinator, allowing for flexibility in coverage schemes.

Coverage Skills

One of Max Melton’s most significant strengths lies in his coverage skills. He is adept at both man-to-man and zone coverage. Melton has exceptional footwork and fluid hip movement, which allows him to mirror receivers in tight coverage, making it difficult for opponents to gain separation. Melton’s ball skills are remarkable. He consistently tracks the football in the air and shows exceptional timing when going for interceptions. His ability to high-point the ball and compete for contested catches is an asset that can lead to turnovers.

Run Support

While primarily a coverage cornerback, Melton is a fearless tackler who isn’t afraid to get involved in run support. He displays a willingness to step up and make tackles in open space, a valuable quality for a complete cornerback.

Football IQ

Max Melton’s high football IQ stands out. He has a knack for reading the quarterback’s eyes, anticipating routes, and jumping routes to create turnovers. His ability to process the game quickly is a testament to his understanding of defensive schemes.



Press Coverage

One area where Max Melton can improve is in press coverage. At times, he struggles to jam receivers effectively at the line of scrimmage, which can lead to quick releases by opposing wideouts. Developing his technique in press coverage will be crucial at the next level. While Melton has the physical attributes to be a complete cornerback, he could add a more physical element to his game. Being more assertive in press coverage and when challenging receivers for the ball would add another dimension to his skill set.

Tackling Technique

While he’s a willing tackler, Melton’s tackling technique needs refinement. Occasionally, he overcommits, takes poor angles, or misses tackles due to aggression. Developing a more controlled approach to tackling will help him become a more complete defender.


Melton needs to work on discipline to avoid costly penalties, especially in the NFL, where referees are unforgiving. He has been flagged for pass interference and holding on occasion, which can extend opponents’ drives and hurt the team.

Max Melton Draft Stock

Max Melton is currently viewed as a round two to three pick. However, I expect him to rise in the draft and would be looking at him in the late 1st round to mid 2nd.

Max Melton NFL Comparison

Dolphins CB Xavien Howard

Final Thoughts on Max Melton Scouting Report

In conclusion, Max Melton is a promising cornerback prospect with a versatile skill set that includes excellent coverage abilities, ball skills, and football intelligence. While he has areas to work on, such as press coverage, tackling technique, and penalty avoidance, his potential and athleticism make him a compelling option for teams in need of a cornerback. With proper coaching and continued development, Melton has the potential to become a successful NFL cornerback.