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Wendell Bing Scouting Report: 2022 NFL Draft Prospect Report


Benedict College, DT #50


6’2″ 310 lbs.

40 time: 4.95 (High School)

Wendell Bing NFL Draft Profile

Gather round everyone while I educate you on Wendell Bing, defensive tackle out of Benedict College in Columbia, South Carolina. Bing is a sleeper from an HBCU and it’s time to put a spotlight on him. 

Bing played high school football at C.A. Johnson High School in Columbia, South Carolina. In six games his junior season Bing had 43 tackles, five tackles for loss and two sacks. Pretty solid numbers, let’s take a look at what happened his senior year. In eight games as a senior Bing put up 126 tackles, 32 tackles for loss, 24 quarterback hurries and 22 sacks. His senior year was downright scary, those are video game numbers, really good video game numbers. He was the 2014 South Carolina Football Coaches Association A Upper State Lineman of the Year and The State’s All Midlands Team. This earned him a spot in South Carolina’s North South All-Star Game. 


After what can be described as one of the greatest high school football seasons of all time, Bing was still flying under the radar. Why? I have absolutely no idea. He received interest from SC State and Benedict College and chose Benedict. The college stats get a little complicated. I spoke with Wendell and was told that the stat keeping at Benedict College was not accurate. Good thing I’ve got film to watch. 

Wendell Bing Strengths

Run Stuffer/Space Eater

So I actually had a decent amount of film to watch and Bing is a big boy who primarily played the A gap between the center and a guard. A lot of snaps he is being double teamed by both of these offensive lineman. I see him get away from double teams a lot and still make a play. Even if he doesn’t escape the double team himself, there were plenty of plays where he was pushing opposing offensive lineman into running lanes or the running back and disrupting the play. It’s fun to watch him in the trenches manhandling the opposing teams offensive lineman. I would like to add that he can also line up as an edge and he absolutely sets the defensive edge against the run.


Benedict College DT Wendell Bing

Benedict College DT Wendell Bing

There are so many plays where Bing is chasing down a running back from behind, or from the other side of the field it’s crazy. It is really impressive to watch a 300 pound plus defensive lineman run down a back or wide receiver from an athletic point of view, but it’s the hustle that really stands out. Bing never gives up on a play. On one of these plays he’s actually lined up on the edge and the play is a sweep to the opposite side of the field. He tosses his offensive lineman aside and runs down the back on the literal opposite side of the field. I also loved watching him chase down a slip screen to the running back from the pocket. There is no doubt in my mind that Bing has a non-stop motor and that’s something you can’t teach.

First Step

This is my favorite thing about Bing’s game. His first step is insanely quick. On a lot of plays it looks like he’s halfway past the offensive lineman by the time the ball is snapped. He’s got dynamite in his legs, he’s explosive. At the very least, Bing is engaging with the offensive lineman right off the snap and he’s usually pushing them backwards. Please, if you do nothing else, just watch Bing’s explosiveness off the snap and his first step. It’s freakish, especially for a man his size.

Wendell Bing Weaknesses

Injury History

Bing has had two ACL surgeries in the past. That is of course scary. Now, I watched plenty of 2021 tape so it looks like he’s recovered just fine. His play level is enough to make me believe his knee is back to 100 percent. With that said, it’s still something to keep an eye on. The good news is that NFL prospects are poked and prodded an insane amount. I have no doubt that teams will know exactly how healthy Bing is.

Small School/Level of Competition

Benedict College DT Wendell Bing

Benedict College DT Wendell Bing

This is going to be a constant theme in numerous scouting reports I have coming up. I think it’s dumb, but I understand that it’s a concern. Benedict College is in the SIAC, an HBCU conference which is Division II. I can see that he played against Eastern Washington and had a good game against them. Eastern Washington is always near the top of the FCS rankings and even has a National Title under their belt. Also, some guy named Cooper Kupp went there and he’s doing alright for himself. So Bing played against smaller school guys, he also looked great against them. Talent is talent and tape don’t lie.

Wendell Bing NFL Comparison

Khyiris Tonga, a Draftdive favorite from the 2021 NFL Draft. Tonga was taken late in the 7th round last year, but made the Bears roster and has contributed this year. Bing is a big, run stuffing defensive tackle who can penetrate the offensive line, just like Tonga. 

Wendell Bing Draft Stock

Wendell Bing isn’t on 2022 NFL Draft radars right now, well except for ours. At this time I wouldn’t expect Bing to be drafted. However, I’m excited to see his workout numbers. He ran a sub 5 40 in high school, that’s impressive. It’s possible he gets on the radar once someone sees how fast this big man is. He can play interior defensive line or on the edge. I’d prefer to see him in a 4-3 as an interior lineman, but I could see him being successful in multiple shcemes and positions.

Final Thoughts

Bing is one of my favorite types of players. He’s a run stuffing defensive tackle who eats up blocks. He also comes off the snap quickly and penetrates into the backfield to make disruptive plays. He’s from a small school and appears to be relatively unknown at this point. Check out his first step, and the dynamite in his legs, and you’ll instantly become a fan.