Robert Hainsey NFL Draft Prospect Report

OL, Notre Dame

Man it feels good to be back. Time for another round of sleepers in the 2021 NFL Draft. This time it’s the original bro bringing you three sleepers on the other side of the field. Let’s talk offense.


You know I’ve got to put at least one big guy in my article. Robert Hainsey is an offensive tackle from Notre Dame, though some project him as a guard in the NFL. He actually played as a center at the Senior Bowl and looked good. Hainsey has the length you like to see at the tackle position with 32 inch arms and a 79 inch wingspan. He’s only 302 lbs, which might be why he’s projected as an interior offensive lineman. However, he was a three year starter at right tackle. I like a guy who can legitimately play tackle, guard and center in the NFL.


Hainsey plays strong, he’s quick to engage and get hands on the defensive player. Hainsey has been moving up draft boards since the Senior Bowl, but he’s an offensive lineman who I would expect to start immediately on the interior and who can provide depth at tackle and center. That’s far too valuable to ignore.


I wouldn’t let Hainsey get out of the 3rd round, and would be fine taking him in the second round. I strongly believe Hainsey will be a starter on the interior. Therefore, teams should draft him wherever you would value a starting guard. -Jonah Anderson

Ken’s Thoughts

Robert Hainsey was the #1 ranked guard in the nation coming out of high school. He finished the 2020 season in the top 8 at his position according to PFF. He showed versatility in his career playing guard and tackle as well as taking some snaps at center during this years Senior Bowl. Amazingly, he was the highest rated interior lineman. That versatility will be an asset to whichever NFL team takes him. Some scouts have him playing guard in the NFL due to his lack of athleticism but I’m not so sure he couldn’t stay on the right side.


Hainsey been highly regarded and has used those tools for a very long time and he uses them to excel at what he does. On top of that he is a very intelligent player and individual. It shows up on the film. His blitz pick up and ability to read stunts is top notch. He communicates well with his counter parts to switch off blockers during the play which is something I don’t always see.

He is built like a traditional lineman coming in at 6-4 and 305 lbs. Hainsey uses his size well, I don’t see him overstep when back pedaling. He shuffles his feet and keeps his center of gravity under control allowing him to hold off defenders at the line.

Finally, he is a tireless worker. During Senior Bowl week the coaches talked about how the Notre Dame players stayed late to keep working their craft (the sign of a true professional). On film he tracks the play and continues to look for someone to hit. He doesn’t quit once the play is away from him which I love to see. A++ for that.


The only thing I can really see as a weakness is his lack of elite athleticism. Hainsey probably won’t be a combine star regarding his speed or agility, making some scouts question whether he can play tackle at the next level. I’d also like to see his arms be a bit longer to play tackle. One other question I have about him is if he was boosted by the elite play around him on the Notre Dame O line. This years team had one of the highest rated lines we have ever seen.

He sometimes gets too aggressive in the run game and misses but it tends to be when he is on the backside of the play. After another full season of watching this man quietly do what he does I just seem to find myself drawn to him even more. I do think NFL execs will see him as a guard. but don’t be surprised if we see him playing RT in a few years. He wouldn’t be a pro bowler, but serviceable. Before the season started he had played 737 snaps without giving up a sack. I can’t recall if I saw him surrender one in 2020 either. No small task!

He isn’t as athletic as Mike McGlinchy was coming out of Notre Dame, but he shares some characteristics with him. That being said he couldn’t succeed at tackle in the zone scheme.

Team Fits

I think Robert will find himself as a late day 3 pick. He would fit well on a team that runs a power blocking scheme and needs some O Line Depth. As a Colts fan I wouldn’t complain if Ballard took him to back up all line positions and possibly take over for Glowinski in the future.

Tampa Bay listened and didn’t let Hainsey get out of the third round.