Ravens 2023 Draft Grades

It’s been an interesting offseason for the Ravens. But, right before the start of the 2023 NFL Draft, they finalized a deal with superstar quarterback Lamar Jackson. Therefore, they were going into the draft with some momentum. Still, they had needs at wide receiver, defensive back, and offensive line. In the end, the Ravens would make six selections, with one pick in every round except for the second. Now let’s break down the picks and see how they did.


22nd Overall Selection (Rd 1) – Zay Flowers, WR, Boston College

In the middle of all the Lamar Jackson drama, the GM came out and talked about how disappointing the wide receiver room has been. Prior to the draft, Jackson helped recruit Odell Beckham Jr. to sign with the team. Now teamed with Flowers, the Ravens have a couple of excellent route runners for Lamar to target. Flowers wasn’t the best overall receiver in the class, but I think he might have been the best fit for the new-look Ravens’ offense.

Grade: A


86th Overall Selection (Rd 3) – Trenton Simpson, LB, Clemson

I don’t know how this always happens. The Ravens never seem to move around in the draft, but somehow always seem to have talented players fall in their lap. This was a pick I was hoping the Browns would make a 74, and then I was praying that he would fall to their next pick at 96. It just wasn’t meant to be. Simpson is a rangy defender, that can match up well against both running backs and tight ends. The Ravens are already stacked at linebacker, but it never hurts to continue to add depth.

Grade: A


124th Overall Selection (Rd 4) – Tavius Robinson, Edge, Ole Miss

I don’t know how this always happens. The Ravens never seem to move around in the draft but somehow always seem to have talented players fall in their lap. I know I just said that, and I’m sure I come across salty… but dang it!!! Just two picks before the Browns (again!) the Ravens take the long pass rusher from Ole Miss. While he still has room to get better, Tavius has both an excellent first step and closing speed.

Grade: A


157th Overall Selection (Rd 5) – Kyu Blu Kelly, CB, Stanford

Kelly is a physical cornerback that is competitive on 50-50 passes. Given the division, he will need to improve on his tackling ability… although he’s not afraid to stick his nose in their in-run support.

Grade: B-


199th Overall Selection (Rd 6) – Malaesala Aumavae-Laulu, OT, Oregon

A nice developmental prospect with good size. Solid in pass protection, with good range and movement. His height (6’6″) does cause him some trouble while run blocking, as he tends to get stood up and lose leverage.

Grade: B


229th Overall Selection (Rd 7) – Andrew Vorhees, OG, USC

If not for tearing his ACL as the combine, Vorhees would have gone much higher. The Ravens have already come out and said they plan on using 2023 as a red-shirt year for the guard. When he comes back in 2024, the Ravens will hope that he can return to the powerful run blocker that stays engaged all the way through the whistle. Great value pick when most teams are throwing darts at the board.

Grade: A


Ravens 2023 Draft Grades Final Thoughts

While they’re really only looking at five picks that could potentially help in 2023, this was a typical Ravens draft. Beefed up on the defensive side of the ball, while still managing to get Lamar a new target to help with the new offensive scheme. With a healthy Lamar, the Ravens fans should be expecting to compete for the division title once again.

Overall Draft Grade: A


Ravens 2023 Draft Grades Analyst – Brandon Claburn