Trenton Simpson Scouting Report and NFL Draft Profile



Trenton Simpson Draft Measurables

6’3” / 240 lbs.

Trenton Simpson 40 Yard Dash Time – 4.40 (estimate)



Trenton Simpson NFL Draft Profile



Personal Background

Not only is Trenton Simpson one of the most decorated football players in the nation, but he also comes from a decorated family. His father is a very well-accomplished Army Ranger. Trenton Simpson’s father is Command Sgt. Maj. Timothy D. Simpson who has served a total of 17 overseas tours. After reading about this, it is easy to see where he gets his hard work and dedication from.


High School

Trenton Simpson is a former 5-star recruit out of Mallard Creek High School in Charlotte, North Carolina. According to 247sports, Simpson was the best outside linebacker in the 2020 recruiting class. He was also the best player coming out of the state of North Carolina. Having this high ranking helped him earn a total of 25 offers. After visiting North Carolina, Auburn, and Clemson, he decided to take his talent to Clemson, South Carolina.

According to MaxPreps, Trenton Simpson played both OLB and RB for Mallard Creek. On the offensive side of the ball, he rushed for a total of 799 yards between his sophomore and senior season. Meanwhile, on the defensive side of the ball, he racked up 20 sacks in his senior season alone.






When watching his film, the one part of Trenton Simpson’s game that stands out the most is his athleticism. He has an incredible blend of speed and power which allows him to be very versatile. When playing coverage in the middle of the field, you need to have incredible quickness and quick hips. This is where Simpson plays his best ball because of his incredible speed and quickness. His strength allows him to be an elite pass rusher also, because he can force the blocker on their heels. This forces the blocker off-balance, often giving Simpson a wide-open lane to the QB.


Zone Coverage

As I briefly mentioned earlier, Trenton Simpson is in his element when playing zone coverage. He possesses the athleticism needed to secure his zone. Also, he has great field vision and awareness which allows him to react to cover anyone who comes near him. When watching him in zone coverage, I think he would be best fit as a WILL in the NFL. For those of you who don’t know, a WILL is a weakside inside linebacker in a 4-3 scheme. These players have a role like the one Simpson has at Clemson now, so the transition should be easy.


Pass Rush

Along with being elite in zone coverage, Trenton Simpson is also a very good pass rusher. He uses his tremendous blend of speed and power to get in the backfield. Personally, I believe that Simpson is most effective when pass-rushing around the edge rather than inside the tackles. When rushing around the edge, he can use his speed to swim around the tackle. This will either be a sack for Simpson, or it will force the QB to step forward in the pocket. By stepping up in the pocket, the QB is surrounded by the defensive tackles and Simpson is right behind him.





Block Shedding

Although I mentioned that Simpson is an incredible pass rusher, there are some parts of his game that need improvement. As I briefly mentioned earlier, Simpson is better rushing off the edge than inside. If an offensive lineman can get ahold of Simpson, he struggles to shed the block and make a play. His biggest weakness is when the lineman gets his hands on the breastplate of Simpson. If the lineman gets ahold of his breastplate, Simpson is neutralized and no longer a threat.  


Man Coverage

When watching Clemson, they play a lot of zone in the middle of the field. But, when Simpson is playing man coverage, it is a good sign for the offense. When playing as a WILL in a 4-3 system, you often have to play man coverage against one of three players. These players are the Tight End, Running Back, and Slot Wide Receiver. Although he has the physical tools to hold his own, he seems to lack the ability to gain leverage. Having the ability to gain leverage on a receiver in the middle of the field is key in man coverage. That is why I have it marked as a red flag.


Trenton Simpson Draft Stock

Trenton Simpson is one of the most elite linebackers I have seen at the collegiate level. He is a perfect fit for any team that is running a 4-3 defense and need a linebacker. This leads me to believe that Simpson will be picked in the middle of the first round.


Final Thoughts On Trenton Simpson Scouting Report

Overall, Trenton Simpson has all the physical tools needed to succeed in the NFL. He has great size, speed, and power which is the perfect trifecta if you are going to be in the NFL. He is an elite athlete who excels in zone defense and rushing around the edge. He does have a few red flags that he needs to work on come next season. But overall, I think Simpson is the most polished outside linebacker in this draft class.


Player Comparison

When watching his film, I kept getting flashbacks of a player I heavily scouted a few years ago. That player is a former Clemson linebacker Isaiah Simmons who currently plays for the Cardinals.


Trenton Simpson Scouting Report Analyst – Matthew Lewis