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2024 NFL Draft Measurements

6’2″ 218 lbs.

Bo Nix 40 time: 4.57 (estimate)


Bo Nix, the dynamic quarterback from Oregon, has captured the attention of football enthusiasts with his multifaceted skill set. At first glance, Nix possesses a strong and accurate arm, showcasing his ability to make throws at various levels of the field. His athleticism adds an exciting dimension to his game, allowing him to extend plays with his legs and escape pressure effectively. Nix’s improvisational skills have become a trademark of his play, creating headaches for opposing defenses. However, like any prospect, Nix is not without areas that warrant attention and improvement. While his arm strength is commendable, the touch on his passes can be inconsistent, affecting his ability to drop the ball into tight windows. Footwork and pre-snap reads are areas that, if refined, could elevate Nix’s game to new heights. In this comprehensive scouting report, we delve into each aspect of Nix’s game, examining his strengths and weaknesses in detail.


Good Arm Strength

Bo Nix possesses an NFL-caliber arm, capable of making all the necessary throws at the next level. His ability to launch deep balls with velocity and precision is a notable asset. Nix can stretch the field horizontally and vertically, challenging opposing defenses and keeping them on their toes. This strength allows him to attack tight windows and exploit mismatches downfield.

Good Athlete

Nix’s athleticism sets him apart from many of his peers. His mobility and agility make him a threat both inside and outside the pocket. Nix has demonstrated the ability to extend plays with his legs, evading defenders and creating opportunities for his receivers to get open. This athleticism also makes him a viable option in designed quarterback runs, adding an extra dimension to the offensive playbook.


One of Nix’s most exciting traits is his knack for improvisation. When the play breaks down, he doesn’t shy away from creating something out of nothing. Whether it’s avoiding pressure in the pocket, extending plays with his legs, or making off-script throws, Nix’s ability to improvise keeps defenses guessing and adds an unpredictable element to the offense.


Nix’s accuracy, particularly on short and intermediate throws, is a strength that bodes well for his future development. He consistently places the ball in a position for his receivers to make plays after the catch. His accuracy is not limited to a specific area of the field, as he demonstrates the ability to hit receivers in stride on deep routes as well. This precision contributes to the overall efficiency of the passing game.



While Nix possesses impressive arm strength, his touch on passes can be inconsistent. There are instances where he struggles to put the right amount of loft on the ball, leading to overthrown passes or missed opportunities. Developing a more nuanced touch, especially on shorter and touch-dependent throws, will be crucial for Nix to excel at the next level and exploit tight coverage in the NFL.


Footwork is an area where Nix can refine his mechanics for improved consistency. At times, his footwork can become erratic, affecting the accuracy and velocity of his throws. Working on maintaining a solid base and consistent foot placement, particularly under pressure, will enhance Nix’s ability to deliver accurate passes in various situations. Improved footwork can also contribute to better overall pocket presence..

Final Thoughts On Bo Nix Scouting Report

In conclusion, Bo Nix brings a tantalizing blend of strengths and areas for improvement to the quarterback position. His arm strength, athleticism, improvisational skills, and accuracy showcase his potential to be a dynamic playmaker in the NFL. However, refining his touch on passes, and improving footwork, will be pivotal for Nix’s development into a complete and consistent quarterback at the professional level. As he continues his journey in the football landscape, the spotlight will be on Nix to address these areas and unlock the full extent of his immense talent.

Bo Nix NFL Comparison

Russell Wilson or a less polished Bryce Young

Bo Nix Draft Stock

Bo Nix looks to be a top-five QB in the draft, more than likely a mid-first-round pick. He’s the first quarterback I’ve watched that worries me. He’s got potential, but I’m not convinced he’ll put it all together. Hopefully, he goes somewhere with a quality quarterback coach.