Cedric Gray NFL Draft Profile


Cedric Gray Scouting Report- North Carolina Linebacker


2024 NFL Draft Measurements

6’2″ 235 lbs.

Cedric Gray 40 time: 4.51 (estimate)


Cedric Gray, the imposing linebacker from the University of North Carolina, has garnered attention for his physicality, exceptional tackling, and prowess against the run. In this comprehensive scouting report, we’ll delve into Gray’s strengths, areas for improvement, and the overall impact he brings to the Tar Heels’ defense.


Physical Attributes

Size and Physicality

Cedric Gray’s size is a significant asset in the heart of the defense. His imposing frame and physicality make him a formidable force against ball carriers, contributing to his effectiveness in the box. Gray’s size allows him to shed blockers and create disruption in opposing backfields.

Acceleration and Burst

Gray’s standout trait is his impressive acceleration and burst. His ability to close gaps and reach ball carriers in the blink of an eye adds a dynamic element to his game. Gray’s acceleration not only aids him in run defense but also makes him a quick reactor in pass coverage situations.

Run Defense

Tackling Prowess

Gray’s tackling is a cornerstone of his game. With a sound and fundamental approach, he excels at bringing down ball carriers with authority. His ability to wrap up and secure tackles limits yards after contact, making him a reliable presence in run defense situations.

Run Defense Instincts

Gray’s instincts against the run are another standout feature. His quick recognition of blocking schemes and ability to read the flow of plays allows him to be a disruptive force at the line of scrimmage. Gray’s football IQ contributes to his effectiveness in shutting down opposing ground attacks.


Pass Rush Techniques

One area where Gray could develop is in his pass-rush techniques. While he excels against the run, refining his pass rush moves and incorporating a more diverse set of techniques could add a new dimension to his game. Developing effective blitzing strategies will make him a more well-rounded linebacker.

Final Thoughts on Cedric Gray Scouting Report

Cedric Gray’s impact on the North Carolina defense is undeniable, with strengths lying in his size, acceleration, run defense, and tackling proficiency. As he continues to hone his skills and address areas for improvement, Gray is a linchpin in the Tar Heels’ defensive scheme. His physicality, combined with a commitment to refining his pass rush techniques could elevate Gray’s status as a well-rounded linebacker.

Cedric Gray NFL Comparison

Ivan Pace Jr.

Cedric Gray Draft Stock

Cedric Gray saw his draft stock drop throughout the year. He started out as a possible late first-round pick, but is now probably a third-round pick. I expect him to run a good 40, so he may come back up draft boards to the second round.