Noel Brouse Draft Profile and Scouting Report


Noel Brouse Scouting Report: California University of Pennsylvania, OL


2023 NFL Draft Measurements

6’4″ 290 lbs.


Noel Brouse NFL Draft


Noel Brouse is a talented offensive lineman from California University of PA who has been a popular name thrown around as a sleeper in the 2023 NFL Draft. Brouse is a 6’4″, 290-pound lineman who possesses excellent strength, intelligence and athleticism that make him a standout on the field.

Brouse was a three star offensive tackle out of Pennsylvania. He had a few different scholarship offers, but initially committed to play for Syracuse. Brouse eventually changed his commitment to the University of Connecticut. Neil redshirted, and sat and learned for a few years before moving to California University of Pennsylvania. After a covid disrupted 2020, Brouse would go on to start two years at offensive tackle for the Vulcans.

Noel Brouse Strengths


One thing that leaps off the tape immediately is Brouse’s physicality. He engages quickly and finishes blocks. By that I mean he puts defenders on the ground. We love a physical offensive lineman here at DraftDive and he is driving guys into the turf. It’s actually kind of crazy, his guy ends up on the ground every single time. If you ever get a little lost trying to track him on film, just look for a defender on the ground. Brouse is probably standing over him. 


In addition to his physicality, Brouse is a gifted athlete. He has good quickness and agility for his size, which allows him to get out in front of running backs and make blocks in space. Brouse has good awareness and is able to pick up blitzes and stunts, which makes him a valuable asset in pass protection. He shows this by pulling effectively and being an effective lead blocker for running backs by clearing a pathway. Brouse also gets out ahead on screen plays, finds a guy to knock to the ground, and provides open field for the receiver or back.

Intelligence/Work Ethic

Off the field, Brouse is a hard worker who is committed to improving his game. He is a team player who is always willing to do whatever it takes to help his team succeed. Brouse has a long list of awards related to his academic performance. This shows he works hard off the field and is also intelligent and able to learn.

Final Thoughts On Neil Brouse Scouting Report

While Brouse was a tackle in college, I would expect him to move inside to guard in the NFL. Due to his intelligence, this shouldn’t be an issue. His athleticism will allow him to pull effectively and get out in front of screens from the guard position. I have no doubt he’ll be able to find someone to put on the ground from the interior of the offensive line. 

Neil Brouse Draft Stock

Right now, Brouse is a day 3 to UDFA projected player. However, he’s one I really think NFL teams should keep an eye on, especially when I hit you with the player comparison next.

Neil Brouse Player Comparison

This player comparison was pretty easy for me. When watching Brouse I was constantly thinking of how he reminded me of DraftDive favorite offensive guard Sadarius Hutcherson. Brouse is one of the few offensive lineman I’ve seen who can match Hutcherson’s blocking intensity and physicality. Hutcherson should have been drafted, but was picked up by the Tampa Bay Buccaneers as an UDFA.