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2024 NFL Draft Measurements

6’4″ 265 lbs.

Laiatu Latu 40 time: 4.62


Laiatu Latu, the standout edge rusher from UCLA, boasts an intriguing skill set that has garnered significant attention among NFL scouts. Let’s dive into an in-depth scouting report that outlines his individual strengths and weaknesses.


Size and Length

Latu’s physical stature is an immediate standout attribute. At 6’4″ and possessing impressive length, he possesses the ideal frame for an edge rusher. His long arms allow him to engage offensive linemen effectively, creating separation and disrupting plays. This size and length combination also provides an advantage in batting down passes and impacting the passing lanes.

Explosive Burst

One of Latu’s primary strengths is his explosive burst off the line of scrimmage. His first step is a weapon in its own right, allowing him to quickly close the gap between himself and the quarterback. This burst puts pressure on opposing offensive tackles and frequently results in immediate pass-rush disruption.


Latu’s quickness is another asset that aids his ability to maneuver through traffic and beat linemen off the edge. His agility and agility contribute to his effectiveness as a pass rusher, as he can change direction swiftly and navigate around blockers.


Latu’s relentless motor is a trait that endears him to coaches and teammates alike. He consistently gives maximum effort on every play, chasing down ball carriers from behind and never quitting on a play. This relentless approach often leads to turnovers, sacks, and game-changing moments.


Run Defense

One notable area where Latu could use improvement is in his run defense. While he excels as a pass rusher, he can sometimes struggle to set the edge and maintain gap integrity against the run. There are instances where he gets caught out of position, leading to running backs finding lanes around the edge. Developing more discipline in run defense is crucial for his overall game.


Unfortunately, injuries have been a concern for Latu throughout his collegiate career. Injuries can affect a player’s availability and long-term durability in the NFL, which is a significant concern for teams looking to invest in a pass-rushing prospect. Overcoming these injury challenges and maintaining peak physical condition will be paramount for Latu’s success at the next level.

Final Thoughts on Laitu Latu Scouting Report

In summary, Laiatu Latu brings an enticing combination of size, length, burst, quickness, and a relentless motor to the table as a pass-rushing edge defender. His explosiveness off the line and disruptive potential make him an intriguing prospect. However, addressing weaknesses in run defense and staying healthy are crucial steps for his development as an all-around edge player in the NFL. If he can refine these aspects of his game and maintain his physical well-being, Latu has the potential to become a valuable asset for an NFL team in need of a dynamic pass rusher.

Laitu Latu NFL Comparison

Ultra-star Myles Garrett.

Laitu Latu Draft Stock

Laitu Latu is a mid-first-round pick at this point. If Latu is healthy, he’s about as good as it gets. He’s a star in the making.