Kelee Ringo Scouting Report and NFL Draft Profile


Kelee Ringo Scouting Report: Georgia Bulldogs, Cornerback, #5


2023 NFL Draft Measurements

6’2″ / 207 lbs.

Kelee Ringo 40 Time – 4.36


Kelee Ringo Draft Profile

Ringo is a former 5-star recruit out of Saguaro High School in Scottsdale, Arizona. In the 2020 recruiting class, 247sports had Ringo ranked as the best prospect in Arizona. One notable player that he was ranked above was Texas running back Bijan Robinson. They also had him ranked as the best cornerback in the nation. Some players he was ranked above included Clark Phillips III, Emmanuel Forbes, and Eli Ricks. While achieving this status, he received offers from 33 Division I programs. A few of the programs that offered him a scholarship include Alabama, Oregon, and Georgia. After visiting Oregon and Georgia, Ringo decided to take his talent to Athens, Georgia and play for the Bulldogs.

According to ESPN, Ringo only played two seasons for the Bulldogs. During his 2021 season, he racked up 34 tackles, 1 sack, 1 interception, a pick-six, and 8 PBUs. In his redshirt sophomore season, he recorded 42 tackles, 1 forced fumble, 2 interceptions, and 7 PBUs. These two successful seasons earned him an invitation to the 2023 NFL Scouting Combine. At the Combine, he had one of the best defensive back performances. To start, he ran a 4.36 40 with a 1.54 10-yard split. He also recorded a 33.5″ vertical and 10’2″ broad jump.


Kelee Ringo Strengths


Man Coverage

When lined up in press coverage, Ringo does a good job of using his size to his advantage. After the ball is snapped, he delivers a powerful one-handed punch that is strong enough to knock receivers onto their heels. Ringo also uses his physicality to force receivers to the sideline and eliminating the room that they have to work with. He does this by keeping his hand on the receiver throughout their route. If he decides to bail out of press coverage, he has very good hip mobility that allows him to mirror his target. Then, when they make a break in their route, he can quickly react and stay glued to their hip. Ringo also does a good job of keeping his pad level low and playing with leverage. This allows him to effortlessly break up passes or force the QB to throw the ball elsewhere.



As I briefly mentioned earlier, Ringo does a great job of using his physicality to win matchups. At the line of scrimmage, he can deliver a powerful punch that can eliminate receivers from the play. After doing so, he also uses his physicality to force the receiver to the sideline. If the ball is thrown his way, he does a good job of working through the receiver to break up the pass. Ringo can also effortlessly break up the pass if he needs to highpoint the ball deep down the field. One reason why I am really high on Ringo is that his speed and size allow him to win matchups against tight ends. If he gets drafted to a team that has to consistently face players like Travis Kelce, George Kittle, and Darren Waller, you can put Ringo on them, and he can compete.



If I have not made it obvious enough already, Ringo is one of the most athletic corners in this class. It is not often you get to see a 6’2″ 207 lbs. corner run a sub 4.40 at the Combine. His elite top speed allows him to stay with most receivers throughout their route. This also comes into play when defending go routes deep down the field. His speed allows him to outrun receivers and force a turnover in stride. Ringo also has very good acceleration that allows him to quickly make up ground at the top of route stems. He can also effortlessly close out on the ball carrier below him.

Not only is Ringo fast, but he is also very agile. He is good at keeping his hips low throughout the play, allowing him to change directions on a dime. His agility also helps him make open-field tackles on elusive ball carriers.


Kelee Ringo Weaknesses


The biggest concern that I have going forward is that Ringo has a tendency to hold onto his target throughout their route. Although Ringo is rarely beaten due to his amazing size and speed, when he does get beaten he grabs the receiver to keep them close. During the 2022 season alone, he was called for holding or passing interference 9 times. If he continues to do this in the NFL, he will not have a very successful career because he will be giving up lots of unnecessary yards.

Soft Coverage

Another concern that I have about Ringo’s game is his tendency to play too far off when in soft-man coverage. When his receiver is stemming his route, Ringo has a tendency to give them too much space to work with. This allows them to be wide open for an easy reception. I am also concerned with how much this impacts his ability to defend curl and comeback routes. Going forward, Ringo needs to trust his athleticism and stay closer to the receiver he is covering.

Kelee Ringo Draft Stock

As of today, NFL Mock Draft Database has Ringo ranked as the 32nd overall prospect in the draft. This ranking is good enough to put him in the conversation of being taken in the first round. In my 2023 Post Combine Mock Draft, I had the Giants trading back to 27 to pick up Ringo. Overall, I believe that Ringo should get drafted toward the back end of the first round.


Final Thoughts on Kelee Ringo Scouting Report

Overall, I think that Ringo is a polished cornerback prospect. He possesses the tools that you cannot teach, and that is size and speed. Ringo does a good job of consistently playing to his strengths by jamming receivers in press coverage. By doing so, he is delaying their route and forcing them off balance. Ringo also often plays with inside leverage so he can force receivers to the sideline and eliminate the space they have to work with. Although he has some improvements to make in soft coverage, it is not enough of a weakness to deter me from drafting him. However, if he wants to see the field consistently in the NFL, he needs to stop grabbing receivers during their route.


Kelee Ringo Player Comparison

Former Georgia Bulldog and current Green Bay Packer Eric Stokes. The only difference between the two is that Ringo has a bigger frame with better play strength.



Kelee Ringo Scouting Report and Player Profile Analyst – Matthew Lewis