Josh Taylor Scouting Report and NFL Draft Profile


Josh Taylor Scouting Report: Mount St. Joseph University Lions, Quarterback, #4


2023 NFL Draft Measurements

6’0″ / 200 lbs.

Josh Taylor 40 Time – 4.49


Josh Taylor Draft Profile

High School

Taylor is a former unranked high school prospect from Western Brown High School in Mt. Orab, Ohio. While at Western Brown, Taylor was a two-sport athlete who played football and basketball. Although Taylor was solid on the basketball court, Taylor decided to pursue a career in collegiate football. That is very easy to understand why when you look at his high school stats. According to MaxPreps, he played in 29 games, completing 57.5% of his passes for 4,740 yards and 40 touchdowns. He also racked up 332 carries for 2,007 rushing yards and 16 touchdowns. After his successful high school career, Taylor decided to take his talent to Thomas More College and play for the Saints.


After joining the Saints, Taylor did not get any playing time as a freshman. After that season, he entered his name in the transfer portal and joined the Mount St. Joseph Lions. Upon transferring to MSJ, Taylor got to see the field in 5 games in his first season with the Lions. In those 5 games, he completed 61% of his passes for 1,128 yards and 10 touchdowns. Taylor also racked up 610 rushing yards and 13 rushing touchdowns. Although this was a solid start to his career, this would only scratch the surface of what he is capable of. During the 2021 season, he played in 6 games completing 56% of his passes for 1,201 yards and 14 touchdowns. He also ran the ball 115 times for 571 yards and 4 touchdowns.

2022 was Taylor’s best season yet and the one that put him on the map as one of the best Division III QBs in the nation. He played in 11 games and completed 59% of his passes for 2,459 yards and 25 touchdowns. Oh, he also ran the ball 136 times for 696 yards and 16 rushing touchdowns. This incredible season would earn him several achievements.


      • Heartland Collegiate Athletic Conference Offensive Player of the Year

      • All-HCAC First Team

      • Led MSJ to Division III NCAA Playoffs

    • Led MSJ to 10-1 Season and Undefeated in HCAC



Josh Taylor Strengths


Josh Taylor is very good at throwing the ball exactly where it needs to be in order for his receiver to make a play. When completing short-intermediate passes in the middle of the field, he does a great job of hitting his receiver in stride. This allows the receiver to rack up some extra yards after the catch. Taylor also has good touch when throwing the ball deep down the field. When he gets enough air under the ball, he consistently delivers a ball that is placed where only his receiver can get it.

Additionally, Taylor is good at throwing the ball above his receiver’s frame in congested areas. This allows the receiver to go up and highpoint the ball. When forced outside of the pocket, Taylor does a good job of keeping his eyes downfield so he can find an open receiver. If one is open, he can deliver an accurate pass at any distance while on the move. If you go watch his highlight reel, you will see how good he is at delivering accurate passes on a consistent basis.

Arm Strength

As I briefly mentioned above, he is good at delivering a catchable ball anywhere on the field. What impressed me the most was his ability to hit his receivers deep down the field. This is due to his strong upper and lower body which allows him to generate a lot of torque when throwing the ball. Again, if you go watch his highlights from the 2022 season, you will see him consistently hit his target deep down the field and often in the endzone. His arm strength is also useful on short-intermediate throws because it allows him to hit his target in stride through tight windows.

Extending Plays

When it comes to keeping plays alive, Taylor is one of the best at the Division III level. Taylor does a good job of staying calm in the pocket when it is collapsing around him. He shows good footwork to move around the pocket and escape pressure. When outside the pocket, Taylor does a good job of keeping his eyes downfield and working through his progressions. If none of his receivers are open, he will not hesitate to tuck the ball and move the chains himself.

Football IQ

Not only does Taylor have the physical tools to be successful at the next level, but he also has the IQ needed to make plays. Josh is a smart player on and off the field and is always working on improving his knowledge of his game. Prior to the snap, he does a good job of diagnosing the defense. Once the ball is snapped, he quickly works through his progressions and is able to hit his receiver in stride. Against zone coverage, he shows off his vision by hitting his receiver in the gaps between zones.


Josh Taylor is one of the most athletic quarterbacks that I have seen at the Division III level. He is a dual-threat QB who can punish defenses in the air and on the ground. Taylor does a good job of escaping pressure in the pocket and extending plays. When he decides to take matters into his own hands, he shows insane elusiveness, balance, and speed. If we compare his 40 time to prospects that competed in the Combine, he would’ve had the 2nd quickest time behind Anthony Richardson. Taylor also has a strong lower body which allows him to shed tackles in the middle of the field and keep the play alive. If you want to take a look for yourself, attached below is a video of his rushing highlights from last season.


Josh Taylor Weaknesses

Force Throws

The biggest concern that I have about Josh Taylor’s game is his tendency to force throws. Although Taylor is smart when in the pocket, he has a tendency to force throws through tight windows. This is a big reason why he has 19 career interceptions at MSJ. Taylor also needs to work on not forcing throws down the field when he is under pressure. If he can improve his decision-making when under pressure, he will be successful at the next level.

Josh Taylor Draft Stock

Taylor is an incredible talent at the QB position and deserves a chance at the next level. I don’t think he has what it takes yet to make it in the NFL, but I do think he could be a solid roster addition for an XFL, CFL, or USFL team. If he spends a few seasons in one of these leagues, I think his hard work and determination will help him make the NFL someday.

Final Thoughts on Josh Taylor Scouting Report

Josh Taylor was one of the best Division III quarterback prospects last season. If the production doesn’t speak for itself, then let his film do the talking. Taylor is a do it all quarterback who can read a defense prior to the snap and punish them using his arm and legs. Although his completion percentage may say otherwise, he is very accurate and can consistently hit his receivers anywhere on the field. When airing the ball out deep down the field, he does a good job of getting air under the ball and allowing his playmakers to go get the ball for a big gain.

If you go watch his highlights, you will see what I mean in the first clip. He was given loads of time in the pocket and hit Cornell Beachem Jr. in stride on a go route for a touchdown. For how good his arm is, he is potentially better when he makes plays himself. When he is running with the ball, he shows an incredible blend of speed, balance, and elusiveness to move the chains or put six points on the scoreboard.

Josh Taylor Player Comparison

His mobility reminds me of CFL Quarterback Nathan Rourke. The only major difference between the two is Taylor has a better arm and accuracy. Also, I believe that Taylor has a better chance of making it in the NFL.

Josh Taylor Scouting Report and Player Profile Analyst – Matthew Lewis