Fantasy Football RB Tiers for 2022

Fantasy Football Rankings Running Backs 2022 


Running back is still the shallowest, and therefore most important, position in fantasy football. Just because it’s the most important position, doesn’t mean it has to be your first round pick. Draft for value, not position. However, true number one running backs are rare. If you have the chance to take one, there needs to be a great wide receiver available to make you pass.


Tier 1: The studs AKA at least half the first round


  1. Jonathan Taylor, Indianapolis
  2. Derrick Henry, Tennessee
  3. Dalvin Cook, Minnesota
  4. Joe Mixon, Cincinnati
  5. Christian McCaffrey, Carolina
  6. Austin Eckler, Los Angeles Chargers


So the first overall pick should be Jonathan Taylor unless you’re in a weird fantasy scoring league. Stud running back on a good team with no one stealing carries from him? He’s a no brainer. After that, things get messy. If I’m not at number one in the first round, I want to be middle to late. Most people have McCaffrey as the number two back, but injuries plus crappy team isn’t what I want to spend the number two overall pick on. I think Henry, Cook and Mixon stay at least mostly healthy this year and they are all on playoff contenders. I’ve got Eckler ranked behind McCaffrey because he’s small and gets hurt almost every year as well, though the Chargers are obviously stronger than the Panthers.


Tier 2: So close to being studs


     7. Nick Chubb, Cleveland

     8. Alvin Kamara, New Orleans

     9. Najee Harris, Pittsburgh

     10. Javontae Williams, Denver

     11. Saquon Barkley, New York Giants


Chubb is one of the most talented running backs in the league, but he splits carries with Kareem Hunt. If Hunt is traded, I’d bump Chubb up to two or three in my rankings. As long as Winson is healthy, the New Orleans offense should be much improved which means Kamara should be a solid back. Harris is the bellcow, but I’m worried about both the quarterback and offensive line of the Steelers. Williams should share fewer touches than he did last season, and is a sleeper for the stud list. If Barkley is actually healthy, then he could bounce back. I don’t have faith in him, but if he fell far enough I’d have to take him as a value pick.


Tier 3: Good potential, but something’s scary


     12. D’Andre Swift, Detroit

     13. Leonard Fornette, Tampa Bay

     14. Aaron Jones, Green Bay

     15. James Connor, Arizona

     16. Ezekiel Elliott, Dallas

     17. Cam Akers, Los Angeles Rams

     18. Josh Jacobs, Las Vegas


Swift plays for Detroit, that’s the only scary thing about him. Jones is talented, but coming off an injury and in a split carry situation. Connor was a touchdown machine last year, but what happens if he goes back to a normal amount of touchdowns? Zeke seems to be slowing down, but maybe he bounces back to his old self this year. Akers is coming off an injury and, as of this writing, we don’t know exactly when he’ll be back. Josh Jacobs plays for an offensive that loves to throw the ball, but he should at least be Las Vegas’ bellcow. I’m way lower on Fornette than anyone else, but they took a running back in the 3rd round of the draft and he’s not consistent. He’s boom or bust every week.


Tier 4: I’m even more scared


     19. Breece Hall, New York Jets

     20. David Montgomery, Chicago

     21. Elijah Mitchell, San Francisco

     22. JK Dobbins, Baltimore

     23. Antonio Gibson, Washington

     24. Travis Etienne Jr., Jacksonville

     25. Chase Edmonds, Miami

     26. Clyde Edwards-Helaire, Kansas City


This group is presumed starters, but there’s more reason to be scared. Whether it’s multiple running backs, being on a bad team, or just not being that good, there’s a reason they’re lower on the rankings. Some of these guys will be great, some will be busts, but pretty much all of them will start in your fantasy league at some point during the year. Who knows, maybe this is the year that Edwards-Helarie stops sucking.


Tier 5: Should be on your bench, but can fill in when needed


     27. Miles Sanders, Philadelphia

     28. AJ Dillion, Green Bay

     29. Dameon Pierce, Houston

     30. Rashaad Penny, Seattle

     31. Damien Harris, New England

     32. Rhamondre Stevenson, New England

     33. Kareem Hunt, Cleveland

     34. James Robinson, Jacksonville

     35. Tyler Allgier, Atlanta

     36. Cordarelle Patterson, Atlanta

     37. Devin Singletary, Buffalo

     38. James Cook, Buffalo

     39. Tony Pollard, Dallas

     40. Darrel Henderson Jr., Los Angeles Rams

     41. Michael Carter, New York Jets

     42. Khalil Herbert, Chicago

     43. Ken Walker III, Seattle

44. Isaiah Spiller, Los Angeles Chargers


Big list of the guys you want as quality backups on your fantasy team. Obviously, if Kareem Hunt is traded he shoots up draft boards. Drafting a New England running back is always depressing. It’s guaranteed that Belichick will use some other running back when you have them starting. I like Miles Sanders to be good enough in Philadelphia and James Cook is being drafted much later than this currently. I think he takes the starting job from Singletary sometime during the season. Walker is dealing with a hernia right now, but if he’s healthy I could see him taking over for Rashaad Penny in Seattle.


Tier 6: Handcuffs


You should have at least one good running back on your fantasy team. If their backup hasn’t already been listed, take them.