Fantasy Football Cheat Sheet Quarterbacks

2022 Fantasy Rankings Quarterback by Tier


Every year I love to wait to draft a quarterback. This year, it’s more clear than ever. Quarterback is around 15 deep. Even in a 12 team league, getting the “worst” starting quarterback has you at 12th on the list. You need to have a weird scoring system or be in a two starting quarterback league to look at the QB position early. If the top quarterbacks are available in round 5 maybe you can take one, but I mean one of the studs in round 5.


Tier 1: The studs AKA drafted too early


  1. Josh Allen, Buffalo
  2. Patrick Mahomes, Kansas City
  3. Justin Herbert, Los Angeles Chargers


These guys are stars, and they’re going to have weeks where they go off and it feels like they won their team the game. If you get one of these guys, just look at their bye week to plan your backup.


Tier 2: Stars AKA could easily be the highest scoring fantasy QB


     4. Lamar Jackson, Baltimore

     5. Joe Burrow, Cincinnati

     6. Russell Wilson, Denver

     7. Tom Brady, Tampa Bay

     8. Jalen Hurts, Philadelphia


We get down to the number eight spot here. It’s a nice mix of veterans and youth, with Hurts sliding in due to all the points he gets from running the ball. Not the worst group to choose from, because the eighth quarterback probably won’t be off the board for awhile.


Tier 3: Still Stars, but being drafted later


     9. Aaron Rodgers, Green Bay

     10. Dak Prescott, Dallas

     11. Matt Stafford, Los Angeles Rams

     12. Tua Tagovailoa, Miami

     13. Kyler Murray, Arizona

     14. Trey Lance, San Francisco


The top of this tier is where I have been going. The reigning NFL MVP is going late in drafts and while the loss of Davante Adams will hurt Aaron Rodgers, he’s no schlub. Prescott is good for 4,000 yards and 25 touchdowns every year if he’s healthy. Same with Stafford, last year’s number one fantasy quarterback in standard leagues. I’m higher on Tua than just about anyone else, but if losing Davante Adams makes Rodgers a borderline starting fantasy quarterback, shouldn’t gaining Tyreek Hill make Tua a borderline starting fantasy quarterback? The answer is yes. I’m low on Kyler this year, he’ll be picked before my ranking. He’s got a brutal schedule and doesn’t have his number one receiver for four weeks. I’m also not sold on Trey Lance, he’s being overdrafted as well, but has great upside as a backup.


Tier 4: Literally still good starting fantasy quarterbacks


     15. Kirk Cousins, Minnesota

     16. Derek Carr, Las Vegas

     17. Matt Ryan, Indianapolis

     18. Trevor Lawrence, Jacksonville

     19. Jameis Winson, New Orleans


This is why I’m so low on the quarterback position in fantasy this year. The top of this list are the boring guys who probably throw for a minimum of 3,500 yards and 20 touchdowns. Lawrence is a star and Jacksonville is improving and Jameis Winston looked good when he and the rest of the Saints offense was healthy. 


Tier 5: High ceiling backups


     20. Justin Fields, Chicago

     21. Zach Wilson, New York Jets

     22. Marcus Mariota, Atlanta

     23. Davis Mills, Houston


This is my last tier because IF I’m rostering a backup quarterback, they need to have a sky high ceiling. All these guys have talent, but are on crappy teams. If one of these projected basement dwellers can put together a decent season, then these talented quarterbacks should benefit. Also, I know I still love Zach Wilson more than anyone else and I’m fine with that.