Matt Corral Scouting Report: Matt Corral Draft Report

Quarterback, Ole Miss #2

Matt Corral Measurements

6′ 0″ / 200 lbs

Matt Corral Draft Profile

It seems to be a new trend. Every year we see a quarterback emerge from the land of the forgotten to establish himself as a top pick in the NFL Draft. With the 2021 Draft behind us, do we dare to look to the 2022 NFL Draft already? Well I do dare! Who will be the Zach Wilson or Joe Burrow of 2022? If I had to bet money on a QB to surpass expectations, and climb the boards, I’d go all in on the Ole Miss gunslinger Matt Corral.

Matt Corral really caught my eye when I was scouting Elijah Moore last year. He is poised in the pocket and delivers a bullet of a pass with extreme accuracy. He had a 71% completion percentage in 2020 (full statistics). I love watching him extend plays with his legs while keeping his eyes downfield. The defense can never stop playing with Matt running the show. Corral was the fourth ranked Pro Style quarterback coming out of high school according to 247 sports. Don’t let that fool you though, he is more than capable of hurting you with his legs as well.

Back in April, I read an article by one of our competitors saying he could be one of the Top QBs in the SEC this year. What a bold statement, not really! Well, I’m going to say I think he is the best QB in the SEC entering the 2021 CFB season. I literally find myself telling people everyday to watch this kid this season. He has that “It” factor you want in a quarterback. Thats why he isn’t just the best QB in the SEC but all of collge in my opinion. Get on the train with me now while the thought is original.  He also has Lane Kiffin as a coach whom will continue to coach him up.

Matt Corral Strengths

If one sits down and watches the film this young man was damn near perfect last season minus two games. Even those two games, with his INTs, he still made some great reads and breathtaking throws. Last season I was all aboard the Twyman train, or as my counterpart here at Draftdive says, I was “The High Man on Twyman!” This year I’m raising my hand early for the Wyatt Earp of Oxford. He doesn’t need the O.K. Corral to win a shootout, or be the deadliest gunslinger around, he just needs 100 yards of green grass and an opponent to fear him.

Arm Strength

Arm strength is no issue. He regularly threads tight needles as well as leads receivers for deep balls. Kiffin likes to implement a lot of RPO’s and he makes good quick decisions as well. His athleticism is plus and will allow him to be a dual threat when needed. He reminds me a bit of Brett Favre at times.

Dual Threat

2022 NFL MOck Draft pick 11 Matt Corral

Ole Miss Rebels QB Matt Corral (2).

If you want to see why, turn on the film from the game against South Carolina last season. A team that had not one but two cornerbacks be drafted early in 2021. Corral led the Rebels to a 59-42 victory with his arm and his legs. He dissected the Gamecocks defense like a seasoned veteran, compiling 513 yards through the air and four touchdowns, adding one on the ground to go along with.

He doesn’t look to run too early. Corral stands his ground and looks for the open receiver and when he is forced from the pocket his eyes are down field until he crosses the line of scrimmage. His elusivness and speed are above average for the positon. Update: Did you see what he did to Tulane? Over a hundred yards and 4 touchdowns on the ground in under 3 quarters.


Not just any one can run a Lane Kiffin offense. It is fast paced, faster than almost any other. It involves pre snap recognition and post snap recognition as it contains so many RPO’s. Corral has welcomed the challenge and excelled as the Captain of kiffin’s ship. Matt takes the ball and makes the correct read almost exclusivley firing off a dart to an open wide receiver. I love when he recognizes the defense and sells a fake screen with a pump only to go deep over the top.

Matt Corral Weaknesses


He had two games, against Arkansas and LSU, where he threw a combined 11 picks. I know, I know 11? Yes that’s a lot in just two games, but I don’t think we have seen his ceiling yet and if he can cut down on those mistakes, he could be truly elite. He forced it a bit too much, but as I said earlier, he had some moments of brilliance in even his darkest hours.

Update: Corral hasn’t played Alabama yet but he looks to have elimintaed most of his inconsistencies. He has looked polished and poised so far in 2021. If he can hold up through the big games ahead i have no doubt he should not only win the heisman but also be the first QB drafted.

Matt Corral Draft Prospect Final Thoughts

If the 2022 NFL Draft happens to have this talented young player hear his name called on night one, I won’t be shocked in any way, shape, or form. We have him ranked very highly on our Top NFL prospect rankings. I personally even have him in my top 20 overall. Heck he is my quarterback one. Matt if you need a Doc Holiday, “I’ll be your huckleberry!”

Analyst for Matt Corral scouting report/ Matt Corral draft profile -Ken Noble