Kamari Lassiter NFL Draft Profile


Kamari Lassiter- Georgia Cornerback


2024 NFL Draft Measurements

6’0″ 180 lbs.

Kamari Lassiter 40 time: 4.43 (estimate)



Instincts and Awareness

Kamari Lassiter possesses a football IQ that is beyond his years. His exceptional instincts and field awareness allow him to read quarterbacks and anticipate routes effectively. Lassiter’s ability to quickly diagnose plays contributes to his consistent presence around the ball, disrupting passing lanes and creating opportunities for turnovers.

Man Coverage Skills

Lassiter excels in man coverage, showcasing the fluid hips and quick feet needed to shadow receivers effectively. His ability to mirror opposing wideouts throughout their routes makes him a reliable cornerback in one-on-one situations. Lassiter’s confidence in press coverage, combined with his physicality, allows him to disrupt timing and create tight windows for quarterbacks.

Ball Skills

A ball hawk in the secondary, Lassiter demonstrates outstanding ball skills. His natural ability to track the ball in the air, coupled with well-timed leaps and strong hands, positions him as a legitimate threat to create turnovers. Lassiter’s penchant for making plays on the ball adds an extra layer of unpredictability to Georgia’s defensive backfield.


Lassiter is a sure tackler in both run support and after receptions. His willingness to step up and deliver hits, combined with sound tackling technique, makes him a valuable asset in limiting yards after the catch and providing support in run defense. Lassiter’s physicality complements his coverage skills, showcasing a well-rounded game.



One aspect where Lassiter may face challenges is in size matchups against taller and more physically imposing receivers. While he compensates with technique and athleticism, larger opponents could attempt to exploit the height differential. Continued development in using leverage and timing will be crucial in handling such matchups at the next level.

Final Thoughts on Kamari Lassiter Scouting Report

Kamari Lassiter is a standout cornerback for the Georgia Bulldogs, bringing a combination of instincts, man coverage skills, ball-hawking ability, and solid tackling to the table. His football intelligence and knack for making plays on the ball make him a disruptive force in the secondary. While size may be a factor in certain matchups, Lassiter’s overall skill set positions him as a reliable and dynamic cornerback, capable of impacting games both in coverage and run support. As he continues to refine his techniques and gain experience, Lassiter is poised to be a key asset for an NFL team.

Kamari Lassiter NFL Comparison

Dee Alford.

Kamari Lassiter Draft Stock

Kamari Lassiter looks like a late first to early second-round pick. Right now I would expect him to go after Nate Wiggins and Denzel Burke. I believe this is the correct order for them to be taken in.