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2024 NFL Draft Measurements

6’5″ 260 lbs.

Jared Verse 40 time: 4.67 (estimate)



First Step

Jared Verse’s defining strength is his explosive first step off the line of scrimmage. He showcases an exceptional burst that can catch offensive linemen off guard. His ability to get upfield quickly puts immediate pressure on quarterbacks and disrupts run plays. This acceleration is a critical asset for any edge rusher in the modern game, and Verse excels in this department.

Verse is Versatile

One of Verse’s standout features is his versatility. He’s not limited to a single role, often lining up at both defensive end and outside linebacker. His capacity to switch seamlessly between these positions allows defensive coordinators to get creative with their schemes. He can rush off the edge, drop into coverage, or even set the edge effectively against the run.


At 6’5″, Verse possesses remarkable length, which he uses to his advantage. His long arms enable him to disengage from blockers more easily and disrupt passing lanes. Moreover, he understands how to use his height and reach to gain leverage against shorter offensive linemen, making him a handful in one-on-one matchups.


Verse’s motor never stops running. He’s a high-effort player who consistently chases down plays from the backside and applies pressure even on plays where he isn’t the primary target. This relentless attitude is invaluable for both his pass-rushing prowess and his effectiveness against the run.

Run Defense

While known for his pass-rushing skills, Verse is no slouch against the run. He demonstrates discipline in maintaining gap integrity and using his length to set the edge. His recognition of run plays and ability to shed blocks make him a credible asset in this facet of the game.


Limited Pass-Rushing Moves

Although Verse’s initial burst is impressive, his pass-rushing repertoire can be somewhat one-dimensional. He primarily relies on his speed and explosiveness to beat blockers, and there’s room for improvement in terms of incorporating a more diverse set of moves. Developing a countermove or improving his hand usage would make him an even more formidable pass rusher.

Inconsistent Awareness

While Verse displays solid recognition of run plays, his awareness in pass coverage can be inconsistent. He occasionally gets caught out of position or bites on play-action fakes, leaving him vulnerable to coverage breakdowns. Improving his diagnostic skills and zone coverage awareness will be essential if he continues to play in a hybrid linebacker role.

Final Thoughts on Jared Verse Scouting Report

In summary, Jared Verse presents a compelling prospect with notable strengths that include his explosive first step, versatility, length, motor, and effectiveness in run defense. However, his limited pass-rushing moves and inconsistent awareness are areas where he can improve.

His versatility and ability to impact both the pass and run game make him an intriguing prospect. If he can refine his technique, he has the potential to be a disruptive force at the next level.

Jared Verse NFL Comparison

Philadelphia Eagle Josh Sweat

Jared Verse Draft Stock

Jared Verse looks to be an early first-round pick at this time. I agree with this assessment. I believe he’ll go in the top ten.