Jai Nunn-Liddell NFL Draft Profile

Jai Nunn-Liddell Scouting Report: CB, Kentucky State


2023 NFL Draft Measurements

Jai Nunn-Lidell 40 time: 4.45 (estimate) 

6’2” 190 lbs.

Jai Nunn-Liddell NFL Profile

Jai Nunn-Liddell was a two star prospect out of Mableton, Georgia. Nunn-Liddell played two way football in high school excelling at both wide receiver and cornerback. He committed to Troy before transferring to Bowling Green. Finally, he ended his career at HBCU Kentucky State. Unfortunately, stats are difficult to find but I did find an article where he makes a game winning interception, and another where he blocks an extra point. The stats I could find show him with ten tackles and five pass breakups in five games with zero interceptions. Of course, the article above proves that wrong. So, stats aren’t the most reliable, let’s go to what really matters, the tape.





Nunn-Liddell is an incredibly smart defensive back. I’m going to assume it’s because of his experience as a wide receiver. There are plays where he runs the route better than the receiver. He’s great at getting himself in position to intercept or break up the pass with his anticipation. Nunn-Liddell recognizes plays very well. He comes off his receiver when he sees that the ball is going to another. He’s always aware of the play. I was very impressed with his ability to see the field and know where the ball is going. 



He’s a solid, wrap up tackler. Nunn-Liddell closes on receivers and running backs quickly and makes the play. He makes tackles behind the line from the cornerback position, that’s impressive. There’s not a lot of yards after contact when Jai is around. He gets through blockers to the receiver or running back quickly. You know we love corners that are solid tacklers here.


Special Teams


Nunn-Liddell contributed a lot on punt and kickoff coverage teams. He was an excellent gunner, forcing the punt returner to fair catch or get hit quickly. He showcases his ability to work through blocks and get the returner. Nunn-Liddell shows the same dedication when getting to the kick returner as well. He’s good at finding lanes in the blockers and making his way to the man with the ball.




Jai shows off his athleticism when he gets down field quickly to cover either a punt or kick returner. There was also a play where he stumbled while in man coverage on a deep route, but recovered quickly due to his speed and was able to break up the pass. He also has an excellent vertical leap which he uses to high point the ball. 




Every NFL team wants a cornerback with size, allowing them to play the big receivers on the outside. Nunn-Liddell is 6’2” with excellent athleticism. He also has the long arms needed to jam receivers at the line and reach balls to swat. 


Final Thoughts on Jai Nunn-Liddell Scouting Report


Jai Nunn-Liddell is a big athletic cornerback with great instincts. He’s going to be playing in the HBCU Legacy Bowl on February 25th. I’m excited to see what he does in the bowl. The NFL didn’t pay as close of attention as I thought they would last year, I hope NFL scouts take notice of the HBCU talent this year. 


Jai Nunn-Liddell Draft Stock


Right now, I see Nunn-Liddell going undrafted. This could change with a strong HBCU Legacy Bowl performance and/or a strong pro day. I estimated a 4.45 40 time for him based off of the tape, but if a 6’2” cornerback runs a sub 4.4 40, everyone will take notice.


Jai Nunn-Liddell Player Comparison


Kansas City Chiefs cornerback Joshua Williams. He’s a big athletic corner from an HBCU.

Jai Nunn-Liddell Scouting Report