Drake Maye NFL Draft Profile


Drake Maye Scouting Report


6’4″ 230 lbs.

Drake Maye 40 time: 4.6


Drake Maye Arm Strength and Velocity

One of the most outstanding aspects of Drake Maye‘s game is his arm strength. Maye possesses a cannon for an arm, he can make all the throws. He can effortlessly launch deep passes with incredible velocity, challenging every defense. His arm strength not only enables him to connect on deep balls but also allows him to fire quick, tight spirals on intermediate throws. Thus, fitting the ball into tight windows. Maye’s ability to threaten all levels of the field with his arm is a major asset that will undoubtedly translate well to the next level.

Accuracy and Ball Placement

Maye’s precision and ball placement are attributes that immediately stand out on film. He exhibits excellent touch and accuracy on his throws, allowing him to deliver the ball to his receivers in stride, maximizing yards after the catch. His ability to lead his targets effectively and place throws where only his receivers can make a play on the ball is a testament to his quarterback acumen. Maye shows a knack for reading defenses and understanding coverage, which aids him in consistently putting the ball where it needs to be.

Pocket Presence

Drake Maye’s pocket presence is another strength that sets him apart. He displays impressive poise in the pocket, maintaining awareness of the pass rush and consistently delivering throws under duress. Maye can navigate the pocket efficiently, stepping up when needed and escaping pressure while keeping his eyes downfield. This attribute allows him to extend plays and make throws on the run, adding a dual-threat element to his game.


Maye’s decision-making is exemplary for a young quarterback. He can quickly process information, identify open targets, and make sound choices with the football. His football IQ allows him to read defenses effectively, recognize coverages, and make the appropriate adjustments. Maye’s ability to make quick decisions while maintaining a high level of accuracy is a combination that bodes well for his future.

Progression Reads

Maye showcases an advanced ability to go through his progression reads for a quarterback of his age. He is adept at working through his progressions, not relying solely on his primary target. This skill enables him to consistently find open receivers when his initial read is covered, keeping the chains moving. Maye’s ability to process information quickly and efficiently while going through his reads is an asset that scouts and coaches covet in a young quarterback.



While Maye is not a statuesque pocket passer, he doesn’t possess elite mobility. His ability to escape pressure and extend plays is more dependent on his pocket presence and awareness rather than blazing speed. While mobility is not a weakness in itself, improving his ability to make plays with his legs, such as designed runs or improvisation, could add another dimension to his game.


While Maye’s accuracy and ball placement are often exemplary, there are instances of inconsistency in his game. He may occasionally miss throws he’s fully capable of making, particularly when under duress or on the move. Developing greater consistency will be vital at the professional level where every throw counts.

Drake Maye Draft Stock

I expect Drake Maye to go early in the first round of the draft, and that’s where he deserves to go.

Drake Maye NFL Comparison

Big, strong-armed, accurate, intelligent, let’s say Jets QB Aaron Rodgers.

Final Thoughts on Drake Maye Scouting Report

In conclusion, Drake Maye possesses several highly desirable traits for a quarterback, including a powerful arm, exceptional accuracy, and a strong football IQ. While he exhibits excellent pocket presence, decision-making, and leadership qualities, there are areas for improvement, such as mobility, deep ball placement, consistency, and adaptability to NFL-level competition. With the right development and coaching, Maye has the potential to become a highly effective NFL quarterback, and his future in the league is undoubtedly a topic of great interest among scouts and analysts.