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2024 NFL Draft Measurements

6’4″ 300 lbs.

Donovan Jackson 4o time: 4.95 (estimate)




Donovan Jackson, the imposing offensive guard from Ohio State, is a true powerhouse in the trenches. His exceptional strength is immediately apparent, providing a formidable anchor in pass protection and a driving force in run blocking. Jackson’s ability to create running lanes and anchor against bull rushes showcases his dominance in the physical aspects of the game, making him a reliable force on the interior offensive line.


Jackson’s athleticism sets him apart from the pack, offering a level of versatility rare for a player of his position. Whether executing pull blocks, getting to the second level, or sealing the edge on outside runs, his athleticism is a valuable asset. This agility allows him to adjust on the fly, making him effective in various blocking schemes and an asset in both the run and passing game.


An often-underappreciated trait in offensive linemen, Jackson’s nimble feet are a standout feature. His quick and precise footwork enables him to mirror defenders effectively, maintaining balance and control in one-on-one matchups. This footwork is crucial in pass protection, as it allows him to stay in front of defenders and provide a clean pocket for his quarterback.



While Jackson possesses an array of impressive skills, his balance is an area that demands attention. At times, especially in situations with lateral movement or sudden changes in direction, he can struggle to maintain optimal balance. This vulnerability may expose him to countermoves from savvy defenders, potentially impacting his overall effectiveness in certain scenarios. Developing better balance will be a key focus for Jackson as he continues to refine his game at the next level.

Final Thoughts on Donovan Jackson Scouting Report

In summary, Donovan Jackson brings a rare blend of strength, athleticism, and nimble footwork to the Ohio State offensive line. His ability to dominate the run and passing games makes him a valuable asset. Still, attention to improving balance will be crucial for maintaining consistency against top-tier competition. If Jackson can address this area of development, he has the potential to be a linchpin for the Ohio State offense and a prospect to watch as he progresses in his football career.

Donovan Jackson NFL Comparison

Cowboys guard Zack Martin.

Donovan Jackson Draft Stock

Donovan Jackson was one of the top-rated guards going into this season. He didn’t have a great year and seems to have slipped down in the draft. As of today, I would expect him to go in the late second to early third round. He’s a player who could improve his stock during the NFL Combine and Ohio State Pro Day. Right now Cooper Beebee looks to be higher rated and I prefer Beebee myself.