Christian Gonzalez NFL Draft Profile and Scouting Report

Christian Gonzalez Scouting Report: Oregon DB


The Colony High School , Texas

20 years old

2023 NFL Draft Measurements

Christian Gonzalez 40 time: 4.32 (estimate)

6’2″ 200 lbs.


Christian Gonzalez NFL Draft Profile

Christian Gonzalez started his college career in 2020 at Colorado. As a freshman, he appeared in 6 games at cornerback. He had four pass break ups along with 22 tackles. He also recorded a pretty solid 85.3 qb rating when targeted. 2021 was a break out year for the big bodied sophomore. Although he still didn’t achieve his first interception , he managed to make four pass breakups , 48 solo tackles , with a QBR of  90.0 when targeted. In 2022 Christian decided to enter the transfer portal. The junior appeared in 12 games for the Oregon Ducks totaling 45 tackles , six pass break ups and four interceptions. Most importantly, he saw his QBR when targeted drop to 74.7. That is very impressive.


Closing speed

Gonzalez has the ability to come back to the ball and close in on the route when the ball is in the air. Gonzalez highlighted this strength against Oregon St. During a qb roll out , the play broke down and Gonzalez lost his assignment for a split second. However, by the time the ball was in the air, Christian caught right back up to the receiver and made an athletic interception.

Big bodied/athletic

Christian Gonzalez uses his body size and athleticism to his advantage.


Christian has the ability to play in all schemes. He’s very strong in press coverage. When in man coverage, he can pretty much line up wherever you want to put him. Whether it’s outside , inside, or in the slot, he’s comfortable anywhere. Gonzalez also plays zone very well. He doesn’t get caught up with his eyes in the backfield. Instead, he sticks to his assignment and doesn’t allow receivers to run free. Ironically, he showed off this versatility against his old teammates.

When matched up against Colorado, he had arguably his best game of his young career. His first interception came off of man coverage. He was lined up outside on an island. He ran the route with the receiver and when the ball was thrown, he used his natural instincts to get himself in position while using his big body to shield the wide out. This allowed him to make the play for the interception. For his second interception, he showed off his zone coverage skills. Colorado ran two deep routes right at him. Gonzalez gave himself enough space to read the routes, read the quarterbacks eyes, and make a break for the ball resulting in the easy interception.

Natural athleticism

Gonzalez has a background in track and field. This is probably why he has amazing acceleration. When a receiver does gain separation, Gonzalez has the ability to catch up fast and make the break up or create a turnover. His long body, speed, and track and field background was on display against Cal.  He was able to get a good jump off the line and block a chip shot field goal, saving three points.

Ball skills

Gonzalez shows the ability to track the ball in the air and make the play. He has a great jump point, and attacks the ball in the air at the highest point. During the Eastern Washington game, early in the second quarter, you can see this skill in action. He ran the receivers route right along with him. When the ball was thrown, he turned on the jets and made an over the shoulder catch for the interception. He’s not just pass break up guy, he has hands good enough to create the turnover.


He has the ability to be a consistent helper in the run game. He’s not so much powerful when creating contact, but has very sticky hands and natural fundamentals to hit with his shoulder, wrap up the legs and take the runner down. An example of this came against Washington, when the game was tied. It was 3rd and 4 from the 10 yard line. Washington ran a swing route to the halfback out of the backfield. Gonzalez showed off his speed and agility to catch up to the ball carrier and make the first down saving tackle.

Route Recognition

Gonzalez has a firm grip on the route tree. He isn’t easily confused with certain sets and gimmicky type plays. During the Oregon BYU matchup, he showed this off plenty of times. Gonzalez was lined up as the outside corner for most of the game. He was able to read the routes correctly, and then go break up the pass play. In fact, he was target four times, and only gave up one reception for 17 yards.



Sometimes Christian plays too conservative. Instead of stepping up and running through the wide receiver for an easy interception, he instead waits for the ball and makes the break up. He needs to find more confidence in his natural ability and trust his instincts. Gonzalez isn’t a powerful force and could work on finding a better point on contact when making a tackle. Sometimes, his sticky hands result in flags being thrown. As he has a big body, sometimes it results in him looking a bit stiff while running the route along side the receiver. This can lead to being lost in a double move. He could also work on his hand technique in press. Instead of using two hands, he should try using one to not allow the receiver to gain an extra step off the line.

Christian Gonzalez Draft Stock

I have Christian as the second best defensive back prospect in the 2023 NFL Draft. Joey Porter Jr ranks first, but I can firmly say he falls right in line to be the next man up. Then, I have Devon Witherspoon right behind him. I believe Gonzalez will be picked mid to late first round.


Christian Gonzalez NFL Comparison

Gonzalez is a similar size and plays a similar game to the very talented Patrick Surtain II.


Christian Gonzalez scouting report-Ed Cimasko