Amarius Mims NFL Draft Profile


Amarius Mims Scouting Report


2024 NFL Draft Measurements

6’7″ 340 lbs.

Amarius Mims 40 time: 5.13 (estimate)



Hand Technique

Amarius Mims exhibits advanced hand technique, showcasing precise placement and timing. His ability to use his hands effectively allows him to control defenders, keeping them at bay in both pass protection and run blocking.


Mims possesses exceptional length, providing a significant advantage in pass protection. His long arms help him engage defenders early, maintaining separation and preventing them from getting into his body.

Powerful Punch

A key strength in Mims’s game is his powerful punch. His ability to deliver a forceful strike at the point of attack disrupts pass rushers and sets a tone in run blocking, creating opportunities for the ball carrier.


Mims demonstrates impressive agility for an offensive tackle. This agility allows him to mirror edge rushers effectively, adjusting to their movements and maintaining balance in pass protection. It also contributes to his effectiveness in reaching the second level on run plays.

Size and Strength

Blessed with prototypical size and strength for an NFL offensive tackle, Mims imposes his will on defenders. His physical attributes contribute to his ability to dominate in one-on-one situations, both in pass protection and run blocking.



Mims may encounter challenges when it comes to reaching defenders in space. Improvement in his ability to cover ground and engage opponents at the second level, particularly on zone-blocking schemes, will enhance his effectiveness in certain run-blocking assignments.

Counter Moves

While Mims excels in initial engagement, he can improve in countering more advanced pass-rushing moves. Developing a wider array of techniques to handle diverse pass-rush strategies will make him a more well-rounded and adaptable offensive lineman.

Final Thoughts on Amarius Mims Scouting report

Amarius Mims enters the 2024 NFL Draft as a highly touted offensive tackle prospect with an impressive combination of size, strength, and technical prowess. His proficiency in hand usage, powerful punch, agility, and overall athleticism make him a valuable asset for teams seeking a cornerstone tackle.

Improvement in reaching and countering moves will be areas of focus for his continued development. If Mims can address these aspects, he has the potential to be a franchise-caliber offensive lineman at the professional level. NFL teams will likely be drawn to his physical attributes and the foundation of skills that make him a promising prospect.

Amarius Mims NFL Comparison

His size and play style are similar to Taylor Decker.

Amarius Mims Draft Stock

Amarius Mims looks like he will be taken in the late first to early second round. Mock Draft Database has him ranked at number 20. He is likely to be taken very close to Jordan Morgan. He’s a very intriguing prospect and could rise up to mid-first-round discussion.