Tyler Linderbaum Scouting Report: NFL Draft Profile


University of Iowa Center, Tyler Linderbaum, is the best bet in the 2022 NFL Draft. I feel confident in saying he will become a Pro Bowler at the next level. Now, even as a Hawkeye alum, I would have a hard time saying he should be the #1 overall pick. However, you are getting the closest guarantee to greatness possible with Linderbaum.

Linderbaum easily could have come out last season and been a borderline first round pick. However, he chose to come back for another season to improve as a player. Sure, he’s already an All-B1G performer, first-team All American, and Pro Football Focus’s highest ranked interior offensive lineman. The thing is, he likely will be getting better. That’s because in the 2018 season, he saw action in just one game…at defensive tackle. He didn’t even play offensive line in college until 2019. He immediately became the starter at center and has dominated over his two seasons with the Hawkeyes. What are the concerns? Well, he’s not big at only 290 pounds. However, I don’t think you need to worry about his strength.

Yeah, that’s him throwing a hay bale well over 14 feet. I would be interested in seeing how far he could throw my toddler son. Though, I’m afraid the little man would go into orbit.

Playing with Leverage

Throwing a hay bale is one thing, but there aren’t any inanimate objects playing defensive line in the NFL. Does he really have the strength to move a top-level athlete who may have a size advantage on him? Oh, I’m so glad you asked, but his former teammate was probably not as happy about this.

That’s Linderbaum tossing one of the top offensive tackles in the NFL, Tristan Wirfs, to his back for the pin. Therefore, I don’t think functional strength is going to be an issue for him.


As I stated before, you don’t have to worry about his play on the field. He was an incredibly consistent and dominant blocker as shown by his 91.5 PFF grade. Even if you may disagree with some of the way that PFF grades players, it is indicative of his consistency at the position. The dude is a dominant blocker that takes people to places they don’t want to go.

Finally, there is the athleticism. It may seem impossible for his athleticism to be greater than his strength after seeing video of him ragdolling one of the best rookies in the NFL last year. But what he does on this 80 yard run should not be possible.

Human beings that big and strong should not be able to move that fast.


Tyler Linderbaum is the man. This isn’t a safe pick as in he’s going to be an NFL starter. This is a Quenton Nelson-esque safe pick. Linderbaum isn’t just going to start, he’s going to start and dominate. He is that strong. He is that fast. He is that damn good, and he’ll continue to be that damn good when he goes from NIL money to NFL money.


-Joe Loncarich