Dylan Horton NFL Draft Profile and Scouting Report

Dylan Horton Scouting Report


DL, TCU Horned Frogs # 98


2023 NFL Draft Measurements

Dylan Horton 40 time: Clocked at 4.55 according to Bruce Feldman’s Freak List. Might be a bit slower with the added bulk.

6’ 4” / 279 lbs 


Dylan Horton TCU DL NFL Draft Profile


Dylan Horton was a 3 star prospect according to 247sports and barely made the top 2000 prospects at number 1999. However, he was a 6’4” safety who only weighed 200 lbs and played high school ball in Frisco, Texas. Power 5 teams weren’t lining up to get him after his senior season when he also played basketball and was a star high jumper.


Horton would originally commit to the SMU Mustangs before switching up and heading to New Mexico to join the Lobos. He would play in all 12 games as a freshman but only see the field in five as a sophomore before transferring to TCU. In 2020 he would play in 8 games and in 2021 he would see his fist career starts while leading the Horned Frogs in tackles for loss. He also had four sacks.


This most recent season Horton has earned captain status from his team and not let them down. He may have started the season slowly on the stat sheet but his presence is felt. He has recorded at least .5 sacks in 6 of his last 7 games. This includes four in the upset of Michigan in the Fiesta Bowl.





I must admit, I love defensive lineman with a great motor. I would say Horton checks the box here. He uses his athleticism to chase down plays from behind and never gives up. One needs to look no further than the first few plays of the recent Fiesta Bowl to see what I mean. On the first drive of the game Horton at 6’4” 279 lbs runs down Michigan QB JJ McCarthy all the way across the field to set up an early fourth down. If that’s not enough, he follows it up on the very next play by shutting down a fourth down attempt to give TCU the ball.




I have mentioned in the past that I don’t even like to list athleticism as a strength, because all the players today are athletes. Horton doesn’t apply to the normal definition though. This guy has sprouted from a 200 lb safety to a 279 lb Edge in a 3-3-5 defense. Bruce Feldman of The Athletic had this to say about him:


At 6-4, 279, Horton, a high school safety who also excelled in basketball and as a high jumper, vertical-jumped 38 inches and broad-jumped 10-0. He also clocked a 4.55 40 and has power-cleaned 400 and squatted 700 pounds.”


Lets just end this section with me saying “Wow!”




Madden fans rejoice, and Madden ratings adjuster take note. Horton is very aware of the game and what is happening around him. He very rarely gets fooled by trick plays. He regularly sees double teams, but never gets caught off guard with a chip or cut block. On plays like Michigan’s fourth down attempt last week, he sniffs out the mis-direction early to set himself up to make a play.




As I previously mentioned, Horton plays the edge in a 3-3-5 defense meaning he plays the 3 and 4 technique more than the five. He does see action at the five technique as well, but his time as a Horned Frog will excite NFL scouts as they will see him as a fit in an attacking 3-4 or a 4-3 defense. I do believe he can play in either, but would love to see him as a true edge with his hand in the ground. 


Run Defense


This guy can eat up blocks and still work his way down the line. He will routinely pick the running back up and make the play even when it seems the entire offensive line is blocking him. To further prove this point, he led the TCU team in tackles for loss last season and has 13.5 this season entering the National Championship game. If your team needs a defensive end to help in the run game he might be your new favorite player.




Lack of Experience 


I don’t mean he hasn’t played enough. I’m solely referring to the fact he hasn’t played true edge rusher much. Where some teams will see versatility, some may see question marks. I think he has all the skills to be succeed on the outside, but he may need a bit of time to catch up. However, with his recent flurry of sacks, it does seem that he’s beginning to understand the pass rush more and more.


Undeveloped Pass Rush 


As I just mentioned, he is getting better at creating pressure and getting to the quarterback. However, he needs to add to his attack. I would like to see him develop a few more moves to the outside and work on his bend. On some plays he shows great ankle bend, but others not so much. I guess he does have 30-40 pounds on guys like Alabama’s Will Anderson. He does have all the tools to get better and he could become a solid pass rusher as well. If he continues to improve at the rate he has been, his potential might be unleashed sooner than later.


Dylan Horton Draft Stock


As of today, NFLmockdraftdatabase has him going in the 6th round and ranked 177th overall. However, if you aren’t reading this on January 8th, those numbers are sure to change. Horton has had an opportunity to shine in the national spotlight and he has made the most of it. I wouldn’t be surprised to see him start climbing all the way to day two on some sites. Horton for me is a late third rounder. If he performs well at the 2023 NFL Combine and a team like Seattle, who drafted former TCU Horned Frog LJ Collier to play a similar role to what they would ask of Horton, decides they need an end he could climb to late second or early third. I also want to note that depending on team scheme he could be worth that as well.


Final Thoughts on Dylan Horton Scouting Report


Dylan Horton has slowly been catching the attention of football fans as the bowl season has progressed. NFL scouts already had him on their radar long before that. I am sure his name will start to garner more and more attention, especially if he plays like he did against Michigan against the Georgia Bulldogs. He will undoubtedly also impress at the 2023 NFL Draft Combine, so just go ahead and mark his name down now if you want to look smart in front of all your football friends. 


Dylan Horton Player Comparison 


Cam Jordan of the New Orleans Saints. Go look at the scouting report from NFL.com. They said similar things about Jordan as I’m saying about Horton when he was coming out of college. Both have similar builds as well. Horton is probably a better raw athlete though. Although Jordan went in the first round, I doubt Horton will due to the NFL getting faster and smaller on the edge. I do think Horton has more physical ability than Jordan. Lets see if a team can mold him correctly and get him to reach his full potential. 


Dylan Horton Scouting Report analyst-Ken Noble.